I am a Texan by birth and a Parisian by an unexpected stroke of good fortune.  My husband, daughter, and big gallump of a golden retriever will all be setting up house in the 8th arrondisement of Paris in August.  I hope to use this site to record my adventures (and misadventures) for all my jealous friends and family and to help me to remember this incredible time in my life.

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  1. Hey!!! I’m moving there too in June! The hubby and I are Texans! Awesome! We’re from the Corpus area, but currently living in Galveston! We have to stay in contact!

    • I would love to stay in contact and catch up with you when I arrive at the end of August. I’m sure you will already have a plethora of tips for me! I speak a little French but will be continuing my lessons in Paris. You?

      • Carmen Manzur

        Hi Kate, this is Carmen from Austin Texas. Gustavo, my husband and I are friends of Pat and Bill, we met them through our good friends Benita and Larry Temple. I just wanted to introduce myself, I have been following your blog. Benita send me the information and since then I read every morning, I enjoy a lot!

      • Bonjour Carmen and thanks for introducing yourself! I’m so glad you enjoy Mais Oui Paris.

  2. Julie Little

    Kate, I finally found your blog!!!! Never really knew how to. I think I found it thru Facebook. I’m ready to go to that hotel in Mexico. Beautiful.
    Looking forward to more posts!!

  3. Laurie Stewart Mai

    What a truly marvelous idea!! I’m so looking forward to your family’s adventure~

  4. I’ve been following the beginnings of this Paris adventure through Molly, Kate, but am delighted to find your firsthand reports. I’m itching to get back to Paris myself–it’s been 2 1/2 years, and that’s too long to go without a French fix! I envy your family this opportunity.

    • Thanks, Martha! I’m glad you found me, too! i hope you will comment freely when I really get this thing going! It gets kind of lonely when no one talks back!

  5. Can’t wait to read all about your Parisian adventures — especially from the perspective of a fellow Texan! Cheers!

  6. Kate — opening your blog with my first cup of coffee in the morning makes my day. I am living Parisian with you (vicariously of course)! I can’t wait for more adventures. Question — Can you give us fashion updates? I so want to look well heeled! I bet my Nike running suit and sports bra will not do it. You know that is the Texas Housewife’s Uniform!

    • How sweet of you , Rana! Thank you so much for saying that. And thanks also for the request. I will start paying more attention and trying to take some discreet pics!

  7. Well hello to a fellow Texan! Looks like you are enjoying your time in Paris!

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  9. Julie Little

    Hope you win!!!! It’s a great blog. Love reading it almost every day!

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  11. Lyndal (Lyn) Joseph

    Hi, I met your Mom at the Dripping Springs, Y the other day. She told me about your site. We love visiting France, been there 23 times and hope to visit next year again. I’m looking forward to reading your news. Thanks, Lyn

  12. Hello, I followed a link form out and about in Paris and found your blog very interesting. I know I am a bit late to the party as you have now gone back to the US. I too am a Parisophile and blogger and friend of Mary Kay I am also English.

    I don’t know if you will be blogging from Texas but I look forward to more of the same and welcoming you back to Paris in August.

    I didn’t seem to be able to find anywhere to comment on the posts except here.

    Love Denise

    • Hi Denise! So nice to meet you and I’m so glad you found my blog. I will be making frequent visits to Paris until I return there to live, so I hope you find more posts that interest you. Don’t know why you didn’t see a place to comment- sometimes things get wonky for a bit and then right themselves. Kind of like us!

  13. Sweetteamob

    Hi! I just found your blog through WordPress. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I’m a recent arrival to France (Loire Valley) to live and work for a few years. saylaviefrance.wordpress.com

  14. Bonjour & Hey There! I would like to email you about something but I don’t seem to see it printed around here anywhere…. it’s probably staring me in the face. As are most things in life — usually my keys after I’ve asked my husband to find them. I digress…Or you can email me at patternoflife {at} gmail {dot} com. [I did all the wonky brackets to ward off any spammers!]

  15. Jamila

    I am in the 5th!! Be in touch if you like, my family and I arrived in October of last year (2013) but have lived in France before. Best of luck on your adventures!!!


  16. How lovely… looking forward to reading some of your adventures. : )

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