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Running Around Paris

Mark keeps telling me I need to bring this blog down a little. He fears it might be too much of a good thing. He suggested a post on “Ugly In Paris”, and even took a few pictures of cigarette butts scattered in the streets. I’m sorry if that is indeed what is due here, because these past few days in Paris have been nothing short of glorious, and I just can’t paint it any other way. Maybe another time. But not today.

Yesterday seemed like it was the perfect day for the Paris marathon, though it might have been a tad warm for the runners by mile twenty or so. Several hours after the race began we walked to the start line at the Champs-Elysées. Some super-fast people were already hobbling around with their medals and their “Finisher” t-shirts. Any time we get a chance to walk on the Champs-Elysées when it is closed to traffic, we do it. Because it feels really cool, that’s why.




We then walked to Trocadero and down to the river to watch the mere mortals who were running the race at a four-hour pace.  This was around mile twenty-one, and it was plenty warm. They looked pretty miserable to me.


Every so often these little musical groups would play along the course to cheer on the runners.

I would much prefer to ride this horse, thank you.

I would much prefer to ride this horse, thank you.


Today was even lovelier, if that was possible.


I took a walk that landed me at this tiny udon restaurant right at lunch time. Mark and I had noticed it several times and intended to try it out, and today seemed like as good a time as any. It was narrow, with an eating bar along the open windows, overlooking the sidewalk, and long tables about six inches behind those seats.


I sat at the bar and enjoyed the street view.


My neighbor was sitting very close to me, which made it easy for me to admire her gorgeous red hair. Is that weird?


It was a short walk to the Tuileries.




I spent about thirty minutes doing this.


Because really- how could I not?



The only Parisians having a bad day today are those who wore too many clothes.


I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

And yes, there really is some ugly here. I just choose not to look for it.


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Bonne Année!


Happy New Year to all!

I am so proud to report that I didn’t fall asleep before midnight!’ At 11:30 we joined the crowds and walked to the  Arc de Triomphe. We were expecting a laser light show on the Arc, similar to what we saw for the Tour de France, and we got one at 11:45. We were so surprised, however, when fireworks started at the stroke of midnight! Paris NEVER does fireworks on New Year’s Eve (much to the disappointment of throngs of tourists every year), but this year she pulled out the stops and put on a show.


What an auspicious beginning for the new year!

Cheers to 2015, and cheers to all of you!


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Two Ladies At A Bus Stop

IMG_3465Earlier this week I was waiting for the 52 bus at what must be one of the most beautiful bus stops ever.  It is at the very end of Avenue Victor Hugo, where it connects to the way- crazy traffic circle around the Arc de Triomphe.  I love the 52.  I catch it from my front door and ride it to the big American-style grocery store I use occasionally.  Which is what I had done on that day, so I was dragging my little red granny cart behind me, and it was pretty full.  On top were a baguette and a little white box holding 2 chocolate eclairs from a fancy-shmancy bakery at Place Victor Hugo.  I ended up walking all the way home, because each time I got to a bus stop for the 52, it was no where in sight, so I just kept going.  I didn’t feel like crossing all those street around the Arc, so I thought I would stop walking and wait for the bus at the aforementioned (and pictured) bus stop.  When I arrived there, I saw two older women sitting on the bench, both immaculately dressed and coiffed. As I stood there next to them, I couldn’t help but notice that they were in hysterics about something.  They would say a few words and then burst out laughing, as though sharing a bawdy joke that no one else heard.  They were fabulous.




I ultimately gave up on the bus and walked the rest of the way, thinking about these two women, and smiling.

Be happy, mes amis.  Life is good.


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Tour de France 2013

Our train from London was scheduled to arrive at 7:20 last night, giving us plenty of time to get to the Champs Elysees to see the Tour de France riders loop around the Arc de Triomphe and the Louvre at the end of the Tour de France.  However, due to a problem with one of the trains, we were diverted to Lisle to change trains before we arrived in Paris close to an hour late. We arrived home, dropped our bags, drank a cold beer (yes, still hot here) and walked to the Champs Elysees just as riders were whizzing past the crowd lining the street.  We got lucky, however, as we were able to have a pretty good view of the last two laps.  It was a thrilling experience.


After the race was over we moved a bit up the street in order to stand right in front of a huge screen which was projecting the awards ceremony and views of the Champs Elysees.


Winner Chris Froome from Great Britain


Following the awards ceremony, we walked all the way up to the Arc de Triomphe and enjoyed a spectacular light show on the arc.





Here is how it looked in action!

We stood there  amidst the very well-behaved crowd and enjoyed the light show for a long time.  We were hoping to see the fireworks that had been promised, but when they hadn’t begun by 11:15, we had to give up on them.  We didn’t feel cheated, however, having thoroughly enjoyed everything else we had been fortunate enough to see that night.  And can you believe it was all under a full moon?


I posted a few more pictures on Mais Oui Paris Facebook page here.


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Triomphe of the Day

Wonder Chien and I walked all around (and under) this lovely today.  Four hours later it was raining and way cold.  Sometimes I get it right.


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A Walk in the Tuilleries

The morning after our food event at Les Papilles was too pretty to stay inside for long. The parentals and I walked up Roosevelt (aka My Paris Memorial Drive) to the Champs Elysees (about a 5 minute stroll) and hung a louie toward the Place de la Concorde and the Tuilleries Gardens.  Behind us, the sun shone on the Arc de Triomphe, and just ahead stood the Obelisque of the Place de la Concorde.  I, personally, am not a fan of said obelisque, but it’s a  major improvement on the guillotine that stood in its place after the French Revolution.   Between 1793 and 1795 more than 1300 people lost their heads there, including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette.  (Don’t tell Rick the French executed more people in two years than Texas does. ) So go on, Luxor, bring on the Obelisque! Here is the view once we crossed the crazy traffic circle at the base of the Tuilleries.

After our walk, we were happy to grab a gorgeous green chair at the pond and set a spell in the sun.


love the color of these chairs

Refreshed, we pushed on to Musee de l’Orangerie, a small but great museum in the Tuilleries best known for Monet’s huge panels of water lillies on display in a special wing there.  We loved the museum, and were particularly blown away by an amazing, hour-long  documentary shown in the audio-visual room on Monet , his water lillies, and how they ended up at the l’Orangerie.  Don’t miss it if you ever happen to go there.  Oh- one more tip if you are planning visit to the museum- do NOT lay your jacket on the inspection table with your purse.  You MUST wear it as you walk through the metal detector, lest you receive the Parisian “pppfffffttttt” and accompanying look of disdain.  Don’t ask me how I know this.

I am going to attempt to insert a 30 second video I took in one of the water lilly rooms.  If this post doesn’t publish until 2012, you will know why.  Sorry about all the heads in the way.  I made a public announcement asking everyone to please leave the room so I could take a video, but I guess they didn’t understand English.

After our bout of culture, we headed back out into the gorgeous day, took in a few more sights, and then headed back home.

I love this picture because you can see so much, including the Arc at the end of the Champs.

Dahlias, darling!

Since the naughty bits of the last post were so popular, I think I’ll end this one the same way.  Don’t get used to it, though.  I have to keep my PG rating on this thing in order to keep all my sponsors and such.

serious mugging outside l'Orangerie

neked sunbathing at the Tuilleries???

Pretty good stuff, right?  Stick with me, friends- you never know what  scandalous tid-bits I’ll come up with.  Sex sells, baby.


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