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One Month Today

Today, September 20, marks my official one month anniversary with Paris.  It has been typical of new relationships- started out giddy and oh so wonderful, and then gradually the hormones began to drop and the ups and down of reality set in.  Some days I am madly in love with Paris, some days I want to kick her ass.  Yeah- a lot like other relationships, now that I think of it.

So lets start with the things that piss me off.

1.  It’s really noisy here.  People love to honk their horns and to rev their motorcycles.  And there are a whole lot more emergencies here than at home- those nasal-sounding sirens go off all the freakin’ time.

2.    Paris needs a good anti-littering motto, like we have in the Lone Star State.  How about Don’t Embarrass Paris?  The trash on the streets here is out of control, despite the fact that they have an amazing public street cleaning process that  seems to give the entire city a nice bath every morning.  By the next morning, though (before the sweepers/sprayers ride through) it looks as though the trash bins have all been systematically turned over on the sidewalks and streets. Ick.  What would Willy do?  Don’t know, but if I were the Boss of Paris I would outlaw flyers on cars and smoking in public, and also require the metro tickets to be inserted into the metro exits in order to leave.  If cig butts, flyers, and metro tix were off the streets, Paris would be way tidier.

3. The internet is crazy unreliable.  Our Macs have been twirling more beach balls than they ever did in all their years in the US.

4.     Ummm- I’m having trouble coming up with number 4.  Maybe it’s time to switch to the things I love about Paris.

1.  I’m so ashamed.  I know it’s really shallow to be attracted to another based on looks alone, but lets face it, Paris has it goin’ on.  She is gorgeous in the sun, the rain, the fog, the clouds, the morning and the evening.  She’s got bridges and monuments and beautiful  limestone buildings.  She just never has a bad day.  Gotta love that.

2.  The food.  Not just the obvious- chocolate and pastry.  I have had the best fish here I have ever eaten.  And I so love that they add fresh eggs with a gloriously golden, runny yolk to everything from salads to pizzas.  The food here is pretty darn awesome.

3.  Paris moves me.  Her public transportation system is out of this world.    Yeah, the metro can be hot and smelly and crowded, but it’s on time and it’s quick and it’s easy to figure out.  Coming from a state that has never figured out how to get out of the car, I am happy with fast and easy.

4. I know this may surprise some of you, but the people here have been really nice.  When I make eye contact and give them my southern smile, they frequently say “bonjour” and give me a demi-smile of their own.  And they love my dog.  Sure, I have received a few stink-eyes, but I probably got an occasional one of those at home and didn’t even give it a second thought.  Maybe even from one of you????????

So after just a month, I already love more things about Paris than I hate.  We’ll continue to have our good days and bad days, but for now, we’re comfortable.   And comfortable is good.

Austin is still first in my heart, but I’m in Paris now, and you gotta  love the one you’re with.


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