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Fun Week With Family

We just said “au revoir” to Mark’s brother and his wife after a whirlwind week of food, drink, and laughter. Here is a brief recap.

On Easter Sunday we drove 35 miles south of Paris to the gorgeous Chateau de Fontainebleau.


The next day we took the train to Reims, where we spent a sunny but breezy day.

We toured the Pommery Champagne House, which was an interesting mix of modern and old.




love these fun "single serving" bottles sold in bars

love these fun “single serving” bottles sold in bars

After a delicious lunch we visited the Reims Cathedral.




The next day we explored the Canal Saint-Martin area of Paris.


That night we ate dinner at Frenchie’s Wine Bar, where we got in line at 6:45 in order to get a table when it opened at 7:00. As always, the small plates and wine were delicious. This little place is worth the early arrival.


Wednesday we walked around the area surrounding the Eiffel Tower and enjoyed an amazing lunch at Au Bon Acceuil.

white asparagus soup

white asparagus soup

We had never experienced a cabaret show in Paris, so that night we went to Crazy Horse for a bit of adult entertainment. No photos were allowed during the show, but this was the stage before it started.


Thursday we wandered up Rue Saint Honore, admiring the windows and doing a little shopping. We then strolled the garden of Palais Royale and the Tuileries on our way home.





Our week ended with a memorable meal at another old favorite, Le Galopin.

This tiny, out-of-the-way place offers a set menu, scrawled and copied on a piece of white paper.



The seven- course menu is always fresh, inventive, and delightful.




On the way home we stopped by Sacre Coeur so they could have one last look at Paris.


At the beginning of the week our guests were shivering in their light coats, and by the end the coats were left at home. Spring appears to have set down her bags at last. Maybe she will stay awhile.IMG_2099


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Lunch With A View

Bonjour mes amis! I am still here, despite what you have NOT heard from me in the last week or two. I have put down my tour guide umbrella and put on my tourist fanny pack for a lovely visit to Budapest and Milan. As in Paris, spring is knocking but has not yet put down her bags. The trees have buds but few leaves and we are still zipping up our coats. The fruit trees are resplendent, though, and the forsythia is ablaze. I am loathe to miss the wild flowers in Texas this year, which promise to be especially knock-out due to the wet winter and spring, so I will be consoling myself with lots of fresh flowers from my market.


But now, back to Paris!

I have been fortunate to dine at the elegant Jules Verne several times, but had not been there in over a year. When my mother and niece were with us we thought it would be the perfect time to revisit the amazing Eiffel Tower restaurant and share it with them. This Alain Ducasse restaurant is located on the second platform of the tower, and is accessed by a private elevator.



When the elevator doors open into the restaurant, you are led to your table by waiters who make you feel as though you were royalty. The tables are close together but not crowded, and the atmosphere is subdued elegance.


The white dome in front of my mom is about to be flipped over to become a charger. The geometric pattern is repeated on the ceiling.

The food is every bit as good as one would expect from a Michelin starred restaurant (which it is).

who could resist this little beauty from the bread basket?

who could resist this little beauty from the bread basket?

soup starter- I think it was lobster

soup starter- I think it was lobster

spring asparagus

spring asparagus with an egg

roasted lamb

roasted lamb

chocolate dessert

chocolate dessert

another dessert doused in armengac

another dessert doused in armangac

Of course, it is not so hard to find delicious food and elegant presentation in Paris. The reason people reserve weeks in advance for the Jules Verne is for the view. I neglected to take any photos from our table this time, but if I had, they would have looked much like these, which I took from the top after we ate.



note- the triangular roof with green tarp, about one quarter from the top, is right by our apartment


wave to the tourists

wave to the tourists


It was a memorable lunch for all four of us. If you ever have the opportunity to dine at the JV- grab it!

Cheers to all of you.


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Rainy Saturday in Paris

It seems that my younger daughter brought the rain with her when she landed in Paris on Saturday morning! It feels and looks like winter here now, which I love, but isn’t the best for sight-seeing.

The girls and I took a long walk yesterday. We revisited the snow globe so that I could get their impressions of it. Like me, they were kind of “meh”, and agreed that some falling snow or lights would be more festive. The cloudy day did make the reflections interesting.





From there we walked to Ecole Militaire and then over to Rue Cler, which is always good for a photo or two.








Only when it began to rain in earnest did we realize that two of our three umbrellas were broken. We caught the nearest bus home and dried out until it was time to head to the Bastille area for dinner at one of Paris’ few vegetarian restaurants, The Gentle Gourmet. 

The moon shown down on us through the Bastille Opera.

The moon shown down on us through the Bastille Opera.

The restaurant was more upscale than I expected for a vegan-vegetarian place, and very nice. We tried the butternut-mushroom soup for starters, and the mushroom burger and risotto for mains.



I hope you enjoy your Sunday, my friends. Other than for students, it feels like the end of the holidays. How are those New Year’s Resolutions holding up?

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Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

Bonjour mes amis! 2015 is starting out kind of slow, as we are still fighting the dastardly jet lag, even five days after our arrival. It’s ok to be slow, though, as Paris is still enjoying the final days of “les vacances”, and it seems that we are not the only ones staying inside in our slippers.

On my first day I did take a refreshing walk to the Eiffel Tower to check out the giant snow globe I had heard about. It was a bit underwhelming, actually, but I am wondering if it might have been more impressive at night. I kind of wanted to see some whirling snow or something more festive than just trees. If I do see it after dark  I will update you on the night version.


This doesn’t really capture the crowds that day. They were massive.






On my way back across the river I noticed Sacre -Coeur shining like a jewel in the sun.


One last view from Trocadero.

One last view from Trocadero.

So there you go- a snow globe souvenir from Paris.

I hope your new year has started out with more energy than mine has!


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Paris Once More

Bonjour from Paris, mes amis! I am so happy to be back in my apartment and soon to be back in my bed for a full night’s sleep (hear that, jet lag?). We made a salad for dinner, gathered a fresh baguette and some cheese and (duh) butter, and opened a tasty red wine. Now I am in my jammies, burning my favorite French candle and hoping to publish this post without any mistakes, in spite of my fuzzy-headed fatigue.

I went on a wonderful walk late this afternoon, which is the only way to survive one’s first day in Paris. The evening shadows were already growing long at 4:30, and I got to watch the sky glow with color as the sun disappeared. It was cold but not wet; the crowds were happy; and Paris still is festive in her holiday finery.


I walked toward the Champs -Elysées and was happily surprised that the Christmas market was still buzzing with activity and redolent with the delicious smells of spiced wine, waffles, and churros.

love a Christmas red coat!

love a Christmas red coat!



The biggest problem with hot spiced wine, besides the fact that it often tastes like hot cough syrup, is how to drink it while walking in a crowd.

The biggest problem with hot spiced wine, besides the fact that it often tastes like hot cough syrup, is how to drink it while walking in a crowd.

A selfie stick- as seen on TV. And in every place around the world where tourists are.

A selfie stick- as seen on TV. And in every place around the world where tourists are.

After a short walk through the market, I couldn’t take it any more and so I crossed the Champs- Elysées at the Grand Palais and walked to the ever-popular Alexandre bridge. While there I snapped the Eiffel Tower in shades of lavender.


From the other side you can see the ferris wheel at at the Tuileries.

From the other side you can see the ferris wheel at the Tuileries.

And then this happened and I swear to you it wasn't intentional. I'm sorry.

And then this happened and I swear to you it wasn’t intentional. I’m sorry.


After crossing the bridge I walked along the river toward the Musee d’Orsay.




Hello Orangerie through the bare trees.

I remembered to look behind me and loved these pinks.

I remembered to look behind me and loved these pinks.

After crossing back over the river I was in the Tuileries at dusk.


Back through the crowded market toward home

Back through the crowded market toward home

The Grand Palais was lit in blue for a big exhibition for which there was a very long line.



Barbie got a mini for Christmas!

Barbie got a mini for Christmas!

window in a chocolate shop near my apartment

window in a chocolate shop near my apartment

The florist near me was finished with Christmas and was moving on to tulips. I’m all for that.


And now I get to go to sleep. I’m all for that, too.

Bon soir, my friends!


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Still Loving Paris In August



Paris was absolutely gorgeous yesterday. I wanted to do nothing but walk and gawk. And that is pretty much all I did.

On my way to the market I encountered the newly re opened Plaza Athénée Hotel, who looked stunning in the morning light. Wearing her trademark cream with electric red accents, she stole the red carpet. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of her.






She was all, “I am zee Plaza Athénée. Yes, Carrie Bradshaw did stay here when she was in Paris.  And yes, I know I am beautiful. Now take your peectures and move along.” Five-star hotels can be haughty like that, especially when they have cars like this parked in front of them.

a Bentley convertible (I think)

a Bentley convertible (I think)

a Mazzeradi



At last I tore myself away from her allure and rounded the corner to the President Wilson Market. I must say that the only time I have felt that August in Paris was less than optimal was when I saw all the empty stalls at the market. It made me kind of sad, because the atmosphere was just not the same. There were more vendors of non-food items, clearly catering to tourists, but that just gave the market a sort of “Super Target” kind of feel. I did enjoy the sparse crowd of shoppers, however.




Just across the street, the Palais Galliera, the Fashion Museum,  was all decked out in lovely shades of orange.


Wouldn't it be nice to live in that apartment building and look out over these grounds?

Wouldn’t it be nice to live in that apartment building and look out over these grounds?







If you are here before November 2, don’t miss this exhibit of gorgeous designer clothes from the Fifties. If you will not be here before then, check out many of the outfits here.



Just up the street was another fancy hotel, the Shangri-La.



This beautiful gate with flowers peeping through it was next door.



I went home for a quick lunch and then took a bus across the river to a neighborhood close to the Eiffel Tower, where I wandered aimlessly and happily.






I adore this sign.

I adore this sign.


And then I went home and took off my shoes.  The End.




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The 14th of July- Bastille Day

I was thrilled to be in Paris on the 14th of July, which we Americans call “Bastille Day”. To make the celebration even more memorable, my sister and her family were here, too. We watched a little of the parade on the Champs Elysees, strolled the Tuileries (including the carnival- whoop!), make a quick spin in the Louvre (saw the Mona Lisa and used the bathroom), walked on the river bank and then watched the fireworks at 11:00 pm. Did I mention that we were pretty tired when we went to bed that night?

I walked up to the Champs Elysees at 9:30 AM, hoping to snag a view of open sky for the fly overs. I stood at a traffic circle that I thought would be directly below the flight path. I also had a small window of parade view. Sadly, the planes flew directly over the trees I was standing beneath, and I saw nothing at all of them. Mark, however, walked to the parade after it had started and got some great pics. Go figure.


my view

this guy right above me had a better view

this guy right above me had a better view








It’s a rare day when you can walk down the middle of the Champs Elysees with no cars to dodge.


my sister and her family

my sister and her family

carnival at the Tuileries

carnival at the Tuileries

a cloud of cotton candy for my niece

a cloud of cotton candy for my niece

I never miss the ferris wheel when it appears in the Tuileries.





That evening we took a walk on the Seine before going to watch the fireworks.




Some good friends invited our entire motley crew to watch the fireworks from their apartment balcony. It was a good place to be.

Paris is always a good idea. But particularly on the 14th of July!


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