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Father’s Day Gift Guide From Paris

Although Mother’s Day is not the same day in France as it is in the U.S., we do share the same Father’s Day. I don’t know how that came to happen, nor do I care, so I am not going to spend any time researching that. I thought some of you might have procrastinated on finding the perfect gift for the fathers in your life, so I have come up with a few ideas for you. You might have to come to Paris to get them, but those guys are worth it, right?

1) Wouldn’t your guy look hot riding around town on this sporty number? And wouldn’t he look even hotter with you on the back?


OK, now that I examine it more closely I’m no longer sure that you could ride on the back. However, you know what could ride in that handy little compartment on the back? Several bottles of wine, or even dinner to go. I bet he would be begging to go run errands on this baby. Vroom Vroom- Go Dad Go!

2) Now this might be too matchy-matchy to wear on the Vespa, but I think any dad would look super sexy in this orange suede jacket (scarf optional). My notes indicate that this jacket can be had for 9900 euros, which at today’s exchange rate is less than it would have been a year or two ago.IMG_2460

3) How about some styling kicks for that fashion god of yours? These patterned Tod’s loafers are pretty awesome, right? And if your man’s feet are the same size as yours, it’s a win/win!


4) This French company, Vilebrequin, makes the most fabulous swim wear for men and boys. Wouldn’t your man and your little man love to wear these matching sea-horse trunks to the beach?


5) And speaking of the beach, what dad doesn’t need an Hermes lantern for those nocturnal crab catching hunting outings? Sure, he could use a plastic flashlight from Target, but this leather lantern would really tell the world that he is the light of your life. And that you have more money than sense. This baby clocks in at 12,500 euro (because it’s water-resistant).


6) This one might be more appropriate for a big birthday, but all dads would love to drive carpool in a car like this. As long as there are only one or two kids in the carpool, of course.


7) And last but not least, we all know that nothing makes men happier than making their woman happy with a gorgeous designer hand bag. So give your guy the gift of your happiness. Something like this would make your man very, very happy indeed. And isn’t he worth it?


Whatever you decide to get your favorite dad, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


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