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Father’s Day Gift Guide From Paris

Although Mother’s Day is not the same day in France as it is in the U.S., we do share the same Father’s Day. I don’t know how that came to happen, nor do I care, so I am not going to spend any time researching that. I thought some of you might have procrastinated on finding the perfect gift for the fathers in your life, so I have come up with a few ideas for you. You might have to come to Paris to get them, but those guys are worth it, right?

1) Wouldn’t your guy look hot riding around town on this sporty number? And wouldn’t he look even hotter with you on the back?


OK, now that I examine it more closely I’m no longer sure that you could ride on the back. However, you know what could ride in that handy little compartment on the back? Several bottles of wine, or even dinner to go. I bet he would be begging to go run errands on this baby. Vroom Vroom- Go Dad Go!

2) Now this might be too matchy-matchy to wear on the Vespa, but I think any dad would look super sexy in this orange suede jacket (scarf optional). My notes indicate that this jacket can be had for 9900 euros, which at today’s exchange rate is less than it would have been a year or two ago.IMG_2460

3) How about some styling kicks for that fashion god of yours? These patterned Tod’s loafers are pretty awesome, right? And if your man’s feet are the same size as yours, it’s a win/win!


4) This French company, Vilebrequin, makes the most fabulous swim wear for men and boys. Wouldn’t your man and your little man love to wear these matching sea-horse trunks to the beach?


5) And speaking of the beach, what dad doesn’t need an Hermes lantern for those nocturnal crab catching hunting outings? Sure, he could use a plastic flashlight from Target, but this leather lantern would really tell the world that he is the light of your life. And that you have more money than sense. This baby clocks in at 12,500 euro (because it’s water-resistant).


6) This one might be more appropriate for a big birthday, but all dads would love to drive carpool in a car like this. As long as there are only one or two kids in the carpool, of course.


7) And last but not least, we all know that nothing makes men happier than making their woman happy with a gorgeous designer hand bag. So give your guy the gift of your happiness. Something like this would make your man very, very happy indeed. And isn’t he worth it?


Whatever you decide to get your favorite dad, I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.


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Paris: Fried Foods and Fine Leather Goods

Bonjour from Texas, my friends! We have been home five days and I have spent most of them in Austin, enjoying my family and tending to our sadly neglected lake house. We missed the bumper crop of Texas wild flowers, but the jasmine is still blooming large on our fence, perfuming the house through open windows (for a few more days, anyway). It’s good to be home.


Yes, we still have no lake, but my sister’s house is on a part of Lake Travis that is still a little wet. We had a nice family dinner on the deck Saturday night.


Notice how much nicer docks look when floating on water than when perched precariously on rocks as in the photo from our house.

Not so long ago Mark and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner at a new restaurant in Paris called Ellsworth. The newest offering by the darling couple who owns one of our favorite special restaurants, Verjus, Ellsworth is more casual, serving tapas seven days a week. Here were a few of our favorites.


These were not your freezer’s corn dogs, my friends. The tender cornbread wrapper concealed duck sausage, and arrived with pickled mustard seeds and strong French mustard for dipping.


These flaky, golden scoops of goodness were fried chicken atop a slightly spicy slaw. Fried chicken is not easy to find in Paris, and this is the best we have ever discovered.


Dessert was apple fritters and cinnamon cream sauce. Oh my. I wish I could conjure some right now. They were so good.

of course there was some of this, too

of course there was some of this, too

Both Verjus and Ellsworth are centrally located near the Palais-Royale. Check them out the next time you are in the hood. Tell them Mark and Kate sent you.


After all those fried calories, we opted to walk home that evening. Our route took us right by the Hermes store, which provided me the opportunity to photograph the windows without the glare of daylight. I didn’t love them, but preferred them to the previous windows, which were just weird.











Thanks for stopping by Paris via Texas!


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Window Shopping In Paris


Bonjour mes amis, and Happy Friday! I have hardly seen my husband all week and am so excited to be going to the north of France for the weekend with him and two other couples. I have just a little time to gather my photos from yesterday’s walk along the fabulous Rue Saint-Honoré and its environs. Like Avenue Montaigne, which I photograph a lot, Rue Saint-Honoré is lined with chic shops, including the flagship Hermes. I spent a lovely couple of hours late yesterday afternoon admiring the windows. Some of the photos have a glare, as the sun had not yet set, but just put on your designer sunglasses and pretend like it’s not there.

My first stop was my favorite shop on the street, Astier de Villatte, whose Paris-made ceramics are my weakness. I have a little collection going and hope to add a few more pieces, so I like to pop in frequently to see what I might want next. The shop is tiny, with a front room and a back room connected by a short hallway, but full of wonders. This is the only shop where I actually went inside, because it’s impossible for me not to.

front window

front window

yes I will come in, thank you

yes I will come in, thank you

back room

back room







Garnier Opera House

Garnier Opera House

I took a little detour to peek at the Opera House, and then went back to Rue Saint-Honoré through the Place de Vendome, which is lined with amazing jewelry shops.




Suddenly my little dish obsession seems completely harmless!


Needless to say, I couldn’t go home without checking out the windows at Hermes.





Bon Weekend, my friends! It has been wonderful sharing Paris with you this week.



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When We Weren’t Eating (ok- so we ate a little)

My sister-in-law appreciates the finer things in life as much as I do, so of course I had to take her across the river to Saint Germain. We had a great time peering in shop windows and occasionally even going inside the stores for a closer look. I even took her to the discount pharmacy, where I warned her that she had to push, search, and purchase as quickly as possible.  She had done her homework and read up on French beauty products to try, so we were in and out before any homicidal tendencies bubbled to the surface. Fortunately it’s still cool here, so the inside temperature wasn’t 85 degrees, as it can get in there during the summer.

The morning was gorgeous.


I showed her my favorite bus stop.



We made our way to the Luxembourg Gardens and ate leftover sandwiches in the sunshine.





The beekeepers were busy harvesting honey from the bee boxes.





Next I showed her a design wonder of the Left Bank. This Hermes store, opened at 17 rue de Sevres in November of 2011, completely blows me away. The entrance is a discreet doorway into what appears to be a handsome apartment building. When inside the space opens up into an old swimming pool from 1935. The old mosaic tile and wrought iron has been preserved, and large contemporary structures made of ash add style and warmth to what was potentially a cold, vast space.




My pictures do not do it justice, but this article describes the design and has great photographs.

I took her to the Bon Marche and the little park that sits just in front of it.


Of course, the afternoon would not have been complete without a flower cone from Amarino gelato.





Tired, happy, and carrying large plastic bottles of make-up remover from the pharmacy, we boarded our bus and went back home.

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Fashion and Flowers

When I loaded my photos of store windows, they became interspersed with photos of blooming trees. I was struck by how compatible they were.  Enjoy.














Happy Spring!


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Checking In With Hermes

After the Roger Vivier party, my friend and I lingered on Rue Saint-Honore, which had a heightened vibe that night.  I think it was because it was Fashion Week , and more beautifully dressed people were out and about after dark than usual on a week night.

I know you all like to see how the Hermes windows are dressed, and I was happy to be right there to get these pictures for you.  The windows seemed a bit more simple than usual (for Hermes), with a gorgeous silk scarf hung as a backdrop and assorted Hermes treasures in the scarf colors scattered throughout the window.

The largest and most impressive window features a winged motorcycle!












So gorgeous.  So luxe.  So Over The Top!  I do  love Hermes windows.

Thank you for shopping at Hermes and please come back.


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A Day of Shopping and Eating in Paris. Does It Get Any Better?

After my day of totally being a grown-up (going to a photography exhibit and the opera) I was excited to meet up with my Paris friend and shopping buddy for a day of frivolity.  Although she lives a 30 minute walk away from me, the 52 bus goes right by both our apartments, and that is where we met Wednesday morning.  She texted me as the bus approached my stop, and I hopped on sat down next to her at the back of the bus.  You know- where all the trouble-makers sit.  From my apartment, the 52 heads down Rue Fauberg Saint Honore, right toward all the fancy shops where we love to browse but never buy.  Like Hermes, for instance, where we got off the bus.  Of course I wanted to check out the windows, which were done in fabulous spring colors, with luxurious swaths of fabric draped around interesting paintings of animals.  The glare on the windows was bad, but here is what I got for you.


J’adore l’orange!



Wow. Do they even make a Birkin bigger than this one?

I wish I had gotten more pics, despite the glare.  If I can take more today I will do it.  Because I love you guys.  And you deserve more Hermes.

We were both very excited about our lunch destination, which was a tiny hamburger spot near Palais Royale.  It is called Blend and caused quite the media buzz when it opened a year ago.  Good burgers are hard to find in these parts, and those of us who were raised on good burgers really grieve the void.  Blend is just what Paris needs- a good burger at a reasonable price with a place to sit down and eat it.


The buns are made on site and were a slightly sweet brioche.  The burger was very juicy and just the right size for my taste.  The fries (regular and sweet potato) were perfectly salted and delicious.  The burger, fries, and a soft drink rang in at 14 euros (about $17).  Obviously, Blend has lots of fans, because the line was out the door (in the rain) when we left.  Here is a nice blog post written about Blend when it first opened, if you want to hear more about burger love in Paris.

Fortified, we were ready to head back out into the rain and to our favorite dish shop in Paris, Astier de Villatte.  I am sure I have rhapsodized  about this little treasure trove before, but in case you missed it, here is a taste of what it looks like.



These dishes are hand-made in Paris of black clay covered in a white glaze.  Many of the finishes have a rough, uneven look that I love.  Here is the little treasure I brought home on Wednesday.


If you would like to see more photos and information about this wonderful store, go here.

From here we went to a very interesting exhibit on the history of fashion at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs, which is part of the Louvre.  The exhibit was composed of an impressive collection of women’s  and men’s clothing from Europe, dating from 1700 to 1915, and was beautifully curated by the  Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

That evening Mark and I ate at a wonderful restaurant in Saint-Germain called Semilla.  It was cozy without feeling cramped, and our food was delicious.



Easy to miss on the street!

I loved watching this shining kitchen in action.

I loved watching this shining kitchen in action.

looking away  from the kitchen, toward the front door, over shiny bald head

looking away from the kitchen, toward the front door, over shiny bald head


exposed pipes on the ceiling

Delicious fish fillet on crispy vegetables with the glorious egg on top!

Delicious fish fillet on crispy vegetables with the glorious egg on top!

I should have taken a picture of the gorgeous grilled mushrooms with sesame oil that I had for my starter.  Next time.

All in all, not a bad day in Paris, my friends.


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