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No Ugly Here

This morning I kissed my friend “adieu” and waved her off to the airport, where she will soon be leaving a jet trail on her way back to Texas. This cool, crisp air will be a distant memory by the time she steps off the plane in Houston, which is predicted to be 90 degrees and 95% humidity. We will be suffering the same rude transition when we fly home a week from now. But this morning in Paris is heavenly, and I spent a delightful hour and a half at the park, savoring the spring sweetness while I can. Parc Monceau was unusually beautiful- almost heartbreakingly so.

The wisteria on the apartment building just outside the park is finally blooming. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to open the windows and allow that fragrance to waft in?







I love this bush. Anyone know if we can grow it in Texas?

I love this bush. Anyone know if we can grow it in Texas?

close-up of sweet little bloom

close-up of sweet little bloom which looks like a bunch of baby birds waiting for breakfast!


















Thanks for stopping by, and y’all come back now- ya hear?


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Yesterday’s Walk In The Park

The weather in Paris has not been great since my return from vacation. Tuesday was unusually windy, and yesterday only slightly better. When the sun began teasing us in the afternoon I zipped up my jacket and walked around Parc Monceau. I had both my umbrella and my book in my purse, hoping to be prepared for whatever turn the weather took. Turned out I didn’t need the umbrella, but I wasn’t warm enough to sit on a bench with my book.


I loved how her yellow shoes looked with the flowers.

I loved how her yellow shoes looked with the flowers.

It pains me to say that I have not seen our two old friends at the park in a long time. I never stop looking for them, though. We have seen this couple before. Do you remember them? They always walk like this.




This plane tree is over 200 years old. I just love it.


The birds were so happy. They must know that spring is on its way.


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Paris in Springtime

Sunday’s sun was nowhere to be seen yesterday, but that didn’t keep me from tromping all over Paris.  True, the last couple of walks were taken just to keep myself from falling asleep (darn you, jet lag), but they did the trick and were totally enjoyable.

My first outing was to the Grand Palais, where I enjoyed a video-art exhibition by BIll Viola.  If, like me, you are unfamiliar with Bill Viola, check out his website here. Mr. Viola uses video and sound to explore universal human experiences such as death, birth, and the unfolding of consciousness.  I can’t say I understood it all, but it was definitely interesting. Here are some still shots from the exhibit, although his were all moving.



As you can probably tell, these images appeared to be floating silently in water.



Later in the afternoon I put on my walking shoes and headed for Parc Monceau. It was beautiful, even in the shadows. I think the mild winter gave spring a bit of a nudge, as Paris is more “bloomed out” than I remember for this time of year.







The school kids were out for recess and were so darned cute.





Of all the wonderful sights at the park this afternoon, guess what made me the happiest?


Yes, our old friends were on their bench today, reading the newspaper.  All is right with the world.

One final walk to the river, because I couldn’t risk falling asleep before 8:00 pm.


Of course, now it’s 10:05 p.m. and guess who is WIDE awake?

Words With Friends, anyone?


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Paris- Day 3

Wednesday morning Martha slept late (jet lag can be soooo  annoying) so I crept out of the apartment for a walk at Parc Monceau.  No, I did not see The Friends– they go mid-afternoon. I thoroughly enjoyed my walk, however.







The statuary got baths for the New Year, which is a good thing, as some ass-hat had thrown paint on many of them.

The statuary got baths for the New Year, which is a good thing, as some ass-hat had thrown paint on many of them.


One of my fantasies is to own an apartment that looks out onto Parc Monceau.

One of my fantasies is to own an apartment that looks out onto Parc Monceau.



By the time I got home Martha had rejoined the land of the living and was ready for an outing to the Musee d’Orsay.  We enjoyed our walk through the Tuileries and across the river on the pedestrian bridge.  The line to get in was very short, and we spent just enough time admiring the 5th floor Impressionism to see it all but not bore Martha to tears.  I think I could walk that floor once a month and not tire of it.  Le sigh.

approaching the museum from the bridge

approaching the museum from the bridge


Sacre Coeur through the clock



Upon leaving the museum we decided to buy a sandwich from the kiosk and eat it by the river.  Just as the attendant was sliding me my change, the first rain of our trip began to fall.  We hastily shoved the jambon et fromage and the bottle of water into our purses and trotted into the first cafe we saw.  It’s always good to have options.  And an umbrella.

A bientôt!


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Hello Again, Paris!

Bonjour, mes amis!  I arrived back in Paris yesterday and am so happy to be here.  Paris has welcomed me with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures, and I am loving life with my windows open! Needless to say, this is a lovely change from the Texas heat.

I don’t have much time, but wanted to let you all know that I am back in Mais Oui Paris land and hope to see you around.  Mark and I are jumping on a train in a few hours and heading south to Bordeaux for the weekend.  I hope to return with some fun pictures and stories for you.

In the meantime, will you just look at this tomato?  A co-worker of Mark’s grew it, and I was delighted to find it in my refrigerator as I foraged for food after my flight yesterday.  Yes, it was as tasty as it was beautiful!



This morning (after sleeping way too late, thanks to jet lag) I ran at my favorite Parc Monceau.  The Parisians were out in droves, soaking up the sun and enjoying “les pique-niques”.




On my way to the park I passed this place.  Can you see the grapes hanging on the vine over the door?  Amazing!


Gotta train to catch!  Be back soon!


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Meanwhile At Parc Monceau

My friends at home frequently tell me how much they  loved the photos I have taken of the two old friends who go to Parc Monceau together every afternoon around 3:00.  I am so glad that the men have touched hearts other than mine.

I looked for them one day in January , but they were not there.  Yesterday afternoon I went to the park and  made several laps without seeing them.  On my final lap I was delighted to see them slowly walking up the sidewalk to the park entrance.


Soon they were sitting on their regular bench, where one reads out loud to the other from a newspaper or a magazine.


If you missed my previous  obsessions  posts about these dear men, click here.

These were not the only familiar figures I saw at the park yesterday.  I found myself behind this couple and knew that I had snapped them before. I love the way they walk together, with their hands behind him.



last spring

last spring

I wonder how many times they have walked around the park together?

It was a gorgeous afternoon in Parc Monceau.




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At Parc Monceau

I think it was shortly after Thanksgiving, which brought to a close two weeks of hosting, eating, drinking, and feasting, that I decided I needed to do more than stroll around Paris for my daily exercise.  As enjoyable as it was, it simply wasn’t going to undo the damage that my indulgences had wrought.  So I began a daily trek to Parc Monceau, dressed in my athletic togs, where I walk (and occasionally jog) on the loop that circles the park.  It has been a treat to become part of a new community- the joggers, walkers, commuters, school children, and parents who inhabit the park in the early morning.

Just like at home, there are groups of women who walk and talk each morning.  I always wish I could fall in step with them and attempt to understand what they are saying.  I catch words I know (“les enfants, la maison” ) but never the meat of the conversations.

Because there is a school on the periphery of the park, there are many children and parents walking together in the morning.  Some kids are on scooters, but most hold their parent’s hand or walk alongside the stroller carrying the younger sibling.  They are so cute I can hardly stand it.

And oh yes, did I mentioned the firemen who run in the park?  They are hard to ignore.


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