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More From San Sebastian

Our flight from Paris to Bilbao was early and quick, putting us at the Guggenheim by noon on Monday. Three of the four of us had been there before, but were happy to see it again.

The Guggenheim Museum-Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum-Bilbao

Surely everyone who visits the Guggenheim is enchanted by the big dog made of flowers. I know I am.


Please pick up after your dog, but don’t pick the dog.

The dog and these gorgeous, shiny tulips were done by an American artist, Jeff Koons.

"Tulips"- Guggenheim Museum

“Tulips”- Guggenheim Museum

After a quick lunch we drove to San Sebastian, about an hour away. Well, Mark drove. The rest of us fell asleep. Like I said, it was an early morning. Before checking into our apartment we took a quick walk on the beach.


yikes- where did those dark clouds come from?

yikes- where did those dark clouds come from?


We were happily surprised to discover that our trip coincided with an annual Jazz Festival.


The festival starts tonight. Our kids are thrilled because they love to be at concerts with their parents, who have been known to bust out some sweet dance moves. Here is tonight’s line-up. I don’t think the kids have anything to worry about, as I have yet to make it past 11:00 pm since we arrived. I don’t know, though, Snarky Puppy sounds like it could be pretty awesome.

Running out the door to dinner….

more later…………





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Last Night’s Dinner and This Morning’s Walk

I don’t have much time this morning, but thought I would share last night’s kitchen triumph, since they seem to be few and far between these days.

I saw this recipe for Eggplant Parmesan in a blog from France I read (I know you all thought mine was the only one, but there actually are a few others…)and thought I would try it.  Martha and I loved it.  Mark is in Spain so he had to settle for dinner at the hotel bar in Bilbao.  He did report that he could see the Guggenheim dog from his window- not bad.  Anyway, this recipe was super easy, as it uses jarred spaghetti sauce, and if you bake the eggplant in advance, your dinner could come together in a flash.

Here is the link.

Here is my dinner.


This morning I took the camera with me on my early walk with Sawyer .  Here are shots looking both ways down the Champs.  Soon all the leaves will be down and the arc will be completely visible.  I really love that thing, for some reason.

So that’s it for me .  I’m off to the market in search of brussels sprouts, which are said to be in season now.  Anyone got a good recipe for those to share?  I do love me some brussels sprouts.

Happy Hump Day, mes amies.

PS- just realized I never wrote the post about my visit to the Guggenheim-oops.  Here is a pic of the dog.  It was so cool.


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