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Sunset In Paris

One of my favorite parts of summer in Paris is the lingering daylight. Even though it really messes with my sleep patterns, I love how it stays light here now until 10:00. Paris is beautiful in any light, but there is something magical about the glow from the waning sun.

Mark was out of town on Monday night and I ventured out to the Pont des Arts (which has now re-opened with the temporary panels) to watch the sun set from the Seine.

The inside panels of the bridge have been decorated by several different street artists. As you can imagine, not everyone approves.



of course the graffiti has already begun

I kind of like the melting locks

I kind of like the melting locks

The Pont Neuf was particularly lovely in the changing light.





As you can see, the little park at the tip of the island is not only a favorite picnic spot, it also is popular with the sunset crowd. Not that you can’t do both simultaneously.



I loved the numbers on this  bouquiniste  box.

I loved the numbers on this bouquiniste box.

The buildings turn toasty gold in the setting sun.



Now facing west from the other side of the Pont des Arts, toward the Musée d’Orsay and the Eiffel Tower.






I crossed back over the river at the Tuileries, which was trying to close for the night.


looking to the other side of the Tuileries at the Louvre

Looking straight down the middle of the Tuileries, as the obelisk slices through the Arc de Triomph.

Looking straight down the middle of the Tuileries, as the obelisk slices through the Arc de Triomph.


Finally, I strolled up Rue Rivoli to catch the metro home.



I was tired and a little chilly, as I had neglected to bring a sweater, but pleased to have seen the show.


C’est fini.

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Grab bag

Bonjour mes amies!

Beginning my last week in Paris before the holiday, and finally feeling a little pressure to find some treats for my sleigh.  Turns out that Christmas madness does exist in Paris- I just hadn’t hit the right streets.  Saturday afternoon Mark and I set out in search of some gifts and found ourselves in pedestrian gridlock on more than one occasion.  Galeries Lafayette was wall to wall people, some of whom were just there to take pictures of the Christmas tree, while others were there to actually spend some euros.  I don’t think I have ever been in a store that was more crowded. I am happy to report that I was able to muscle my way in, plant my feet, and take this picture of the tree under the Galeries Lafayette dome for you.  Because I said I would.  And that’s the kind of girl I am.

But last Thursday I was still in Christmas Denial, and I was thrilled to see that my walking tour group was going to one of my favorite museums- Musee Carnavalet!  Remember how much I loved the room of signs?  We didn’t spend much time in there, but I was able to snap one more sign photo for you.

A violin maker?

Our trusty guide took us in many parts of the museum I had not seen on my last visit.  Here are some highlights.

The Pont Neuf is a lovely bridge decorated with large masks like this one, which is an original. Many of the masks currently on the bridge are reproductions.

Napoleon's traveling toiletry bag! How cool is that?

Very large painting depicting the pre-Revolutionary hedonism of the aristocracy. This restaurant is still hopping today!

This Roman baby was buried and the cement used to seal his coffin fell on his face, leaving us with this precious mold. Sweet but sad.

I still love this museum and can’t wait to go back.  Their wonderful bookstore/gift shop is always a delight, as well.

I have been doing lots of long afternoon walks, enjoying the brisk air and gorgeous Paris light.  Walking around the crazy traffic circle known as Etoile, I came across these more recent remains.  So clever!

Watch out for crazy drivers and mean pedestrians, or you could end up like this poor guy!


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