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Window Peeping

Tis yet another bright and warm day in Paris, while Texas is getting more rain. We could use some here, actually. The city is looking a bit dry and dusty. Sprinklers are on in the parks. I cannot keep the layer of dust off of my furniture because the windows are open day and night,which makes me very happy in every other respect. Dust mites are a small price to pay for the heavenly breeze that has been keeping our apartment nice and cool.

I have been admiring lots of store windows on my walks. I cannot ever capture them without glare, though, as the sun has been shining 14 hours a day for weeks. So just ignore the reflection, s’il vous plait.

This store, Brunelli Cucinelli, always captures my eye with its creative windows. The theme this month appears to be summer gardens.





lettuce love!


Like at home, white is making a big summer splash here.


I have never been inside this church, Madeleine, so I don’t know about its windows. But right now it has a glorious floral display across its front steps.



This was a nice window in the Henckels kitchen store.


I peeped in a closed up place the other evening and admired this bicycle, propped and waiting for the new day.


Finally, Printemps has some lovely mechanized windows right now- and it’s not even Christmas!


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J’Adore Dior

Actually, I have never owned anything that said “Dior” on the label.  But the Dior windows right now?  A. Maz. Ing. Totally. They have transformed Paris windows into an exotic tropical wonderland, with hanging orchids that look oh so real. Gorgeous.










Am I right or am I right? Well played, Dior; well played.

If you could take home piece, which would it be?


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Avenue Montaigne


When we walked home from our dinner near the Eiffel Tower on that Friday night, we turned down Ave. Montaigne, as we have done countless times before.  This time, however, we noticed for the first time how the street appears to line up perfectly with Sacre-Coeur.  Paris  still surprises us.

If you hang out here often, you already know that this street is lined with amazing boutiques.  Here are some windows that caught my eye that evening.










At the corner where Ave. Montaigne meets the Champs-Elysees, the Artcurial building was all dressed up in white light.  I thought it was lovely.


More Paris later.  Same Bat Channel.  Same Bat Time.


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These boots were made for walkin’. And that’s just what they did.

Wonder Chien and I covered some Paris ground today.  It was sunny and cold- the perfect combination for walking and taking pictures.  This afternoon we explored Victor Hugo, a lovely, tree-lined street dotted with pricey boutiques and an occasional chocolate shop.  After dinner we walked across the Champs-Elysees and down Matignon, the street with the wonderful fashion windows. The night was clear, with a big fat moon shining down on all the Christmas decorations.  Yeah, I dug Paris today.

Pretty elaborate decorations for a small, gourmet grocery store...

And these are pretty elaborate pastries, oui? Personally, I would rather have a warm cinnamon sugar doughnut from Shipleys.

I know, I know- you have seen this street before--but it's just so darn pretty I can't help myself.

Glamor in the Ralph Lauren window- just the thing for that office party!

"What's in the Bonpoint window these days, Kate?" you ask? Just this little pig-tailed girl opening up a doll for Christmas!

That big white ball to the left of the tree is the moon. Freakin' awesome.

I am feeling kind of bad about one element of my day.  Two people stopped and asked me directions today, and I sent both of them in the absolute wrong direction.  I wish I could say it was a language problem.  Nope- I understood them perfectly, and I could respond using all the right words, but sending them the wrong way.  I can’t help it.  I was born this way.  I just hope they don’t hunt me down in my dreams tonight.  Angry Parisians are downright scary.

So tomorrow I have an appointment for my physical exam, which will allow me to get my “permit” to live here.  I have heard quite a few ex-pat tales of these appointments, and I am a tiny bit apprehensive.  I hope it will be a non-event, but if there is a story to tell, you will read it here, my friends.  No pictures, though.  No way.


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