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Color Me Happy

It was a bee-u-tee-ful Wednesday in Paris! Colors popped out at me where none had been seen for days.


excuse me but may I have your tote and the mustard coat that goes so well with it thanks




even the bees were happy

even the bees were happy

Valentines Day is much more understated than it is at home. This window is about as over the top as it gets.





The weather was fabulous, but I am also happy because tomorrow we go spend a long weekend with my older daughter, Claire, in Madrid. And for icing on the cake- we will celebrate my birthday together on Friday! Hip hip hooray! Who wouldn’t be happy about that?

I hope to be posting from Spain, but in the meantime….


from “Ah-ha to Zig-Zag” by Maira Kalman

Thank you and good day.


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When We Weren’t Eating (ok- so we ate a little)

My sister-in-law appreciates the finer things in life as much as I do, so of course I had to take her across the river to Saint Germain. We had a great time peering in shop windows and occasionally even going inside the stores for a closer look. I even took her to the discount pharmacy, where I warned her that she had to push, search, and purchase as quickly as possible.  She had done her homework and read up on French beauty products to try, so we were in and out before any homicidal tendencies bubbled to the surface. Fortunately it’s still cool here, so the inside temperature wasn’t 85 degrees, as it can get in there during the summer.

The morning was gorgeous.


I showed her my favorite bus stop.



We made our way to the Luxembourg Gardens and ate leftover sandwiches in the sunshine.





The beekeepers were busy harvesting honey from the bee boxes.





Next I showed her a design wonder of the Left Bank. This Hermes store, opened at 17 rue de Sevres in November of 2011, completely blows me away. The entrance is a discreet doorway into what appears to be a handsome apartment building. When inside the space opens up into an old swimming pool from 1935. The old mosaic tile and wrought iron has been preserved, and large contemporary structures made of ash add style and warmth to what was potentially a cold, vast space.




My pictures do not do it justice, but this article describes the design and has great photographs.

I took her to the Bon Marche and the little park that sits just in front of it.


Of course, the afternoon would not have been complete without a flower cone from Amarino gelato.





Tired, happy, and carrying large plastic bottles of make-up remover from the pharmacy, we boarded our bus and went back home.

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Luxembourg Love

Who would have thought that the sun would be shining brightly again when I left my apartment Monday morning?  It was so gorgeous, I had no choice but to head for Luxembourg Gardens, where I am always drawn on beautiful days.  It was before lunchtime, so the park was relatively empty but for a few joggers dodging the mud puddles, several older folks enjoying the weather, and some moms who were grateful to be outside with their kids.











I was happy to see that my favorite park inhabitants, the bees, were still buzzing happily, despite the recent cold snap.




And something I had never noticed before- an Insect House!


From there I meandered back home, stopping along the way at the Bon Marche, where I wandered around the food section (surprise!) and bought some sea salt to take home.


I loved this pooch waiting outside the flower shop.


This shop didn’t have a dog, but was gorgeous.


Boulevard Raspail waited quietly for its next market day.



After a quiet lunch on Blvd. Saint Germain and a stroll through the Tuileries, I was home again.  Just in time.IMG_2861

That night we went to dinner in an old pharmacy.  Sadly, my photos of the exterior of Le Pharmacie didn’t come out very well, but at least you can appreciate the gorgeous color.  The interior was decorated with old pharmacy bottles (which are quite collectible now).




After a long day of walking around Paris, it was just what the doctor ordered.


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Lux Redux

The Sunday after Thanksgiving was so glorious that I packed a little snack and a book and jumped on the bus for Luxembourg Gardens, which was teeming with activity.  The landscape was bobbing with joggers (who presumably had not even indulged in Thanksgiving gluttony) , and there were plenty of people like me, who preferred to stroll, picnic, read, and people watch.  The day turned out to be a tad chillier than I had anticipated, and after just one chapter of my book I was forced to get moving again, following the sun.  It was a delightful way to end two weeks of entertaining, cooking, eating, and drinking.  I was able to just be still, and to muse about how fortunate I am to have such good family and good friends, and to be living in this amazing city that still makes me feel like a new bride when I walk around in it.






















On my way out I paused to admire the sun on the bee boxes located near an entrance to the park.  There has been a beekeeping school here teaching apiculture since 1856!  Apparently the bees here are very healthy and take care of pollinating the many fruit trees in the park.  If I were a bee, I would live here.  For sure.



You can read more about the Luxembourg Bees here.

Au revoir, mes amis!  I hope you enjoyed your little walk in the park as much as I did.


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Just Another Great Day In Paris

Bonjour, mes amis!  Life continues to fly by at an alarming clip here in Paris.  This week I am looking forward to having my good friend from college and three of her kids (one of whom is my precious god son) visit from Raleigh, North Carolina.   Soon after they leave, my brother and his wife arrive from Dallas, and within days our good friends are coming from London to complete our Thanksgiving table.  It’s always fun to have new life in the apartment!  Especially when they bring me treats from home.  Which they will.  If they ever want to be invited back.

It seems like a long time ago that I spent a lovely day with a good friend.  We started with an art exhibition at the Musee du Luxembourg, which I always love because it is small and sits right in the Luxembourg Gardens.  The exhibition was called, in English, “The Modern Art Club: Avant-Garde Collectors in Le Havre”.  The collection belonged to art collectors and artists in Le Havre in the early 1900’s.  It was wonderful.  Here is the link if you want to read more about it.  A few of my favorites were:

We worked up quite an appetite looking at all that art, so we walked from Le Jardin du Luxembourg to one of my favorite restaurants, Les Papilles.  It didn’t disappoint.

Their soups are flippin’ amazing. Really.

This was not a light lunch.

Fortunately, we had time for a nice long stroll after that feeding frenzy.

And then I went home and put my feet up and thought about how I could get out of fixing dinner.  I think I was still full.

Forgive me if my posts become a bit erratic for the next few weeks.  I should be gathering some good material for you, but it may take me awhile to get it in the mind-blowing form to which you have all become accustomed.   But I will be back.  Some day.

And that’s a threat, not a promise.

Have a good week, my friends!


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Jardin du Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Gardens is located on the edge of one of my favorite Paris neighborhoods- St. Germain-des-Pres.  When the day is as sunny and warm as this one, I am always drawn to this sprawling, sculpted, and serene park.  Sadly, I usually feel frustrated when I try to photograph these grounds.  It just feels like too much space, with immense trees and hidden sculptures sprinkled around every corner, to capture with my camera.  Here are today’s efforts.

The Gardens are surrounded by this regal gate, which I love.

Dahlias, dahlings!

This was taken from my picnic spot overlooking the Senate, one of France’s two houses of Parliament.

One more time, because I love the sky in this one!

Even with all these pictures, I didn’t show you the ponies, the pond, the carousel, the puppet theater, the playgrounds, the museum, and lots of other wonderful parts of the park.  Shall we return for those another day?


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Dear Paris: Heaven called and wants its weather back.

Now hear this: Paris has been incredibly beautiful for most of the past two weeks.  If we don’t have a rainy day soon, my family is  going to run out of clean clothes and canned goods and end up eating marshmallow fluff in our bathrobes.  Really- it’s so hard to do anything like laundry, shopping, blogging, or cooking when springtime beckons.  I better get this figured out before I have a revolt on my hands here.

I promised to tell you about what my friend and I did last week and it’s quickly becoming a sunny, smiley, winey, cheesey, picnicky blur.  I may have to make some stuff up.

One day we went to a wonderful little museum in the 16th called the Musee Marmottan Monet, which is housed in a former hunting lodge and contains the world’s largest collection of Monet.  We were  fortunate that there was also a temporary exhibit of Berte Morisot there.  She was a respected Impressionist and was married to the brother of Manet.  Don’t worry- there will not be a test over this at the end of the post.  This was my first trip to the museum and now it’s on my “Recommend” list for art-loving friends.

No one should miss Luxembourg Gardens when the weather is like this.  My friend and I enjoyed it and then Mark and I went back Saturday for a picnic.  

One might expect to see signs in parks indicating in which areas one must stay off the grass.  You do see a lot of those in Paris.  However, apparently at the Luxembourg Gardens it makes more sense to designate the relatively small area where the grass is available for sitting.

But absolutely no lying, rolling, ball-kicking, or any other kind of fun-having.

A few people were interested, despite the limitations.My friend and I picnicked at the Champ de Mars, and it was divine.One day we went on a guided tour of the newly-opened exhibit at the  Museum of Decorative Arts, entitled “Louis Vuitton  Marc Jacobs”.  This interesting and sometimes quirky exhibit showcases each man’s contribution to fashion and their collaboration on the LV line.  I took these two pictures of old LV trunks before I realized that photography was not allowed.  Oops.

I found these images on the internet.  I guess SOME people are allowed to take pictures.

After such a stylish outing, nothing would do but that we dine on the terrace outside of the Louvre.

We ate gelato, admired pastries, swooned over flower displays, and walked all over Paris.

Stop right there, Monsieur Chocolate Chicken Man

And so Hotel Mai has closed its doors for a month or so.  We have some travel of our own planned.  And lots of picnics to be had.  Be the first to read all about it, right here, on Channel Mai Oui Paris.  All Paris.  All the time.


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