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Marais Me

I always love exploring the Marais, so when I needed to pick a place for lunch with a friend, I chose one in the Marais, and then made sure I had time before and after for wandering the curly, narrow streets.

I had heard about an interesting market in the Marais called Le Marche Des Enfants Rouges, which translates as the Market of the Red Children.  And why that name, pray tell?  Well, this  covered market was built in 1615, on the site of a former orphanage whose children wore red uniforms.  Kind of sweet, right?  The market is the oldest covered market in Paris, and was really fun to explore.  I was regretting that I had lunch plans, because the air was redolent with the aromas of foods being prepared by vendors in the market.  There was a colorful Moroccan stand, an African stand, an Italian counter, crepes and sandwiches that smelled amazing, and at least one Asian vendor.  They even had colorful tables where one could sit and enjoy the delicacies being offered.  Next time I’ll know to go for a meal.  I felt a bit awkward about taking photos, as it all felt very confined, as if I were in an enclosed store, and I wasn’t sure I should snap away.  Here are a few shots.

The entrance to the market- I think I passed it by at least twice!

From the market, I meandered toward my lunch spot.

This owl was actually a very expensive bag!

I met my friend at a really cute place called Le Loir dans la Theiere.  Pie was involved.

Afterwards I couldn’t go home without strolling around the ever-so-civilized Place des Vosges.

I got there by going through the garden of the Hotel de Sully.  Because why would you go any other way?

Hotel de Sully

Through an arch and there you are in a corner of the Place de Vosges!

One last look over my shoulder before heading home.

And after that wonderful outing to the Marais, I went home.  Where I did NOT cook dinner.  Did you see the size of that piece of pie I ate?

Livin’ large and lovin’ life, my friends!  Emphasis on the “large” part.


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