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Eiffel Tower Snow Globe

Bonjour mes amis! 2015 is starting out kind of slow, as we are still fighting the dastardly jet lag, even five days after our arrival. It’s ok to be slow, though, as Paris is still enjoying the final days of “les vacances”, and it seems that we are not the only ones staying inside in our slippers.

On my first day I did take a refreshing walk to the Eiffel Tower to check out the giant snow globe I had heard about. It was a bit underwhelming, actually, but I am wondering if it might have been more impressive at night. I kind of wanted to see some whirling snow or something more festive than just trees. If I do see it after dark  I will update you on the night version.


This doesn’t really capture the crowds that day. They were massive.






On my way back across the river I noticed Sacre -Coeur shining like a jewel in the sun.


One last view from Trocadero.

One last view from Trocadero.

So there you go- a snow globe souvenir from Paris.

I hope your new year has started out with more energy than mine has!


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Champs Elysees, All Lit Up For Christmas

Last year I complained about the weird tube lights erected around the trees on the Champs Elysees for Christmas.  I missed the sparkly, drippy blue lights of previous years.  Well, the hoops are still up, but they have added the old blue lights, to placate the old fuddie duddies like me, who like things more traditional.  Here are some pictures from a week or so ago.

What about you?  Is your street lit yet?  Are you????




Yes, that is the moon!

Yes, that is the moon!



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Christmas at Galeries Lafayette

The theme for Galeries Lafayette‘s windows was “Noel Rock ‘N’ Mode”.  Each window featured entrancing puppets made of muslin with hand-painted faces.  I know there is an amazing Christmas tree inside the store, but I have yet to make it across the threshold.  If I do so before Christmas, I will definitely take a picture for you.

This one is my favorite and is dedicated to my favorite Hair Guy, Robert, in Houston.  See you on the 21st, Robert!

Isn’t it great?  I have another video taken at night without all the reflection, but I kind of liked being able to see what was happening on the street at the same time.

Today I am off in search of Paris treats to take home for good little boys and girls.  Any special requests?

But I would be remiss to sign off without wishing a very happy “cinquante et un” to my fabulous husband.  You totally rock, sweetie, just like the puppets in the window.


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