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First Week Back.

Yes, I’m still here- just a bit  quiet as I have tried to settle back into my little ex-pat world.  For some reason we have all suffered more jet lag than usual this time, which has slowed me down a tad.  I did get out, though, and here is what I did.

I went to the Louvre with my walking tour group.  The theme of the tour was “Kings and Emperors” and we saw lots of royals and their relics.

Charles V and his wife Jeanne de Bourbon

These statues of Charles V and his wife were the first actual representations of a French king.  All previous portrayals had been of idealized men and women meant to represent the rulers.  I think this was particularly brave of him, given his pronounced underbite.  I would have been like,”go ahead, idealize away” but Charles allowed himself to be sculpted as he was.  He was also the first king to live in the Louvre, when he moved the royal residence there in 1350.

Napoleon's throne

This seemingly understated little chair was Napoleon’s throne from the Tuileries palace.

This gorgeous sword was not used in battle but was held by every French king at his coronation.  Isn’t that amazing?  It is said to be the single most important French royal relic in existence today.

Another afternoon Sawyer and I walked around the Tuileries, which was beautiful in an austere, wintery kind of way.

Saturday was grey and misty, but we buttoned up our raincoats and did a walking tour of the Latin Quarter.  I had never seen the Pantheon, and I thought it high time.

They totally copied this from the Houston Museum of Natural Science, but it was still cool.

Rousseau's ashes

Yes, it was still yucky when we came out of the Pantheon.

So that was pretty much my first week back.  Tomorrow is my first French lesson in three or four weeks, so I need to go study up a bit.  Too bad we seem to be the only Parisians not invited to the party upstairs.  At least they aren’t playing music like they did at their last party, which lasted until 2:00 AM.  I have enough sleep problems going on without any help from the neighbors, thank you very much.

Oh yeah- we made it to church this morning and I documented the event.

Isn't it pretty?

I even liked the floor.

Have a good week, mes amies!


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