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To The Beach!

Cover of "A Touch of Class"

Cover of A Touch of Class

Today I am going to a beautiful place that I first heard about as a girl when I watched A Touch of Class with my aunt Nancy. Glenda Jackson and George Segal go here for an ill-fated tryst.  I have wanted to go there ever since.   Anybody remember that movie and know where I’m headed?

One of the more memorable lines from that film:

Glenda : Excuse me but do you have oregano?

Woman in her building who works at night: Goodness I certainly hope not- I just had a check-up last week!

Here is a photo:

The city of Marbella in Andalucia, Spain. View...

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We fly into the city of Malaga, Spain, and then drive to Marbella, where our good friends have invited us to join them at their holiday  apartment.  I hope to send some photos of my own over the next few days!

Have a good end of the week and weekend, wherever you find yourself!

Sea side of Marbella

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