Bring it on, Paris

Today is one of the prettiest days Houston will offer this spring.  I’m talking knock-out gorgeous.  I don’t want to leave my screened porch.  BUT today is also the day I leave for a week in Paris with friends and sister, so in an hour I must close up my fresh-air house and head for the airport, where I will sit for several hours before boarding Air France and then sit for….never mind…I don’t want to think about it.

As much as I am looking forward to sharing Paris with my friends ( oh yes, my sweet husband is there, too), I am loathe to leave town because I know when I return things will not be as I have left them.  And I don’t mean just inside my house.

My petunias will not be as perky.

My jasmine will be just green and have no perfume left.

But with any luck at all, my lillies will be laughing and my roses will still be rockin.

So Paris, make this week worth my while!  Show me some sun and some color, and don’t even think about bringin’ on any of that grey , cold, rain you are so fond of.  Because Houston has got it goin’ on right now, and I’ll be missing it.

Stay tuned for the results of this springtime throwdown.  Paris pictures coming up next…

A’ Bientot!  (and while I’m there, Martha is going to show me how to use the accent and circumflex symbols on my keyboard…)

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  1. Oh girl…get on that plane and don’t even look out the window. Houston and its nice weather cannot compare to what you’re going to see and experience in Paris. From what I see in pictures, Paris is in full bloom. The weather is about to turn hot and humid so you won’t miss anything here! Have fun! Can’t wait to see your pics.

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