The kids, the dog,  and I have moved out of our house and into a near-by townhouse with approximately half the  square footage we are accustomed to occupying.  It was an arduous process, despite the fact that I began cleaning out and organizing a year ago.  Moving is just hard, particularly when you have lived in the house for 8 years, and even harder when half of your belongings need to be shipped across the ocean and a fourth needs to go to the townhouse.  The other fourth?  Thrown away and donated and good riddance.  What the rest of the family doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

So for the rest of the summer we are somewhat condensed, shall we say.  So far I am finding it surprisingly comforting to be in less space with fewer things.  The best part has been that I am physically closer to my kids.  I can hear them, see them, touch them, and talk to them way more than I used to.  This is a good thing except when I am trying to sleep.  Because I have fewer clothes here, the “what to wear” dilemma is easily decided.  I have never been one to spend too much time on wardrobe issues, but  now it’s 30 seconds or less.  My kitchen is about half the size of my old kitchen, and much of the storage space looms 2-3 feet above my head, which is odd,  given my height.

Just for reference, my head hits somewhere between plates on bottom shelf and bowls on one above.

I need a helicopter

Fortunately, I culled my culinary inventory and storage is not an issue.  All my favorite stuff is on its way to France, so my pots and pans and cookbooks here are definitely The “B” Team.  That is fine, too, though, because I am forced to find new recipes and revisit old ones that I have abandoned in the ten years since Food Network, Ina Garten, and Splendid Kitchen entered my life.  I am finding that I really do not need four different sauce pans in different sizes, or a potpourri of skillets of varying sizes and materials.  Not that they are not nice to have, mind you, and I’m not giving up any of my All-Clad, but it’s good to be reminded that I can still cook without all the bells and whistles.  I can’t cook as much, though, because I have only one fridge now, and it’s woefully smaller than my beloved size of a small room fridge I left behind.  So that means fewer left-overs and, I hope, less food lost in the back of the shelves or on the bottom of arm-deep crisper drawers.

Sawyer misses his yard but loves the romps in the vacant lot next to our complex, where dogs and their owners visit and chase each other into exhaustion.  So far I have only visited- it’s kind of hot for chase.  Unfortunately, his claws make a very annoying clickity-click noise on the  upstairs flooring, particularly during the night, so either we have to get carpet or he has to start wearing fuzzy slippers.  We’re still negotiating that one.

I thought you said we were moving to Paris.

I do miss looking out at my pool and my roses, and it is a long walk to empty the trash, but all in all, townhouse life is good.  Come see me if you’re in the hood.


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8 responses to “Transitions

  1. Why is it I miss you and we were only neighbors for about 15 minutes? 🙂

    I saw them packing you but never saw them carry out all the furniture or I would have come to say bye!

  2. Did you sell the house? We just did the move Saturday–Galveston to Waco–except our things went into storage (one room in my grandparent’s house). We condensed so much that our 2 bed/2bath apartment downsized to 1 room! Now we will live out of 4 suitcases and 2 carry-ons until we land Tuesday and settle into our 20sq. meter apartment! You guys will be in the 8th right? We have 2 months to find a larger more permanent place–one that allows a dog. Our baby is staying behind until then 😦
    See you later this summer!

    • Yes! It sold really quickly, thank goodness. I’ll be there on the 20th of August, and yes, we are in the 8th. Sorry about having to leave behind your baby……can’t wait to meet all of you and really can’t wait to read your posts from Paris!!

  3. Tracie Burns

    I feel ya. We moved from 3200 sf to 1600. It’s a different world, but I feel so much lighter! I do miss the pool, too. But it’s all turning out a-ok. Except for the toenails on the floor, I think you’re going to really learn to love it. But why did Mark get all the good cookware???

  4. SallyMouton

    I vote for fuzzy slippers..He seems like the type!

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