Moving Day

I can't believe she put that video on her blog.

Today our furniture arrives at our Paris apartment.  Mark is there to meet the movers and tell them where to put that really tall bookcase and which beds go in which rooms.  Speaking of beds, I know he will be relieved to sleep in our king bed again.  The rental furniture bed was European, which meant the (very firm) mattress was set in a frame that barely hovered above the floor.  It wasn’t the most comfortable.  I can’t wait to see how our stuff looks in that space, which is so very different from the space it has previously occupied.

Change is almost always hard,  I think.  Here was how Sawyer felt about leaving his brothers and sisters (and humans) behind when we brought him to our house for the first time.. I know I will have similar feelings of sadness and frustration in my new home, too.  However, I hope to be gnawing on a baguette rather than a palm frond.

Please ignore the commentary- it wasn’t shot for distribution.  I really just wanted to try out the new video upgrade I added to my blog!

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