Bonjour Paris!

Au revoir #287

Bonjour #3!

Yes, after sixteen months of thinking about it, worrying about it, and planning it, we are finally living it!  The girls and I arrived Saturday morning, and were greeted by the two of the men in our family (one being canine).  Recovery from the jet lag has been slow this time (one sleeps soooo much better in business class, you know) but today we are almost feeling human again.  We have made the required trip to BHV for light bulbs, nails, hooks, and a dog leash (somehow Sawyer arrived without his), and have also picnicked in the Bois de Boulogne and walked the streets in twilight.  Tonight we will eat dinner at the top of the George Pompidou Centre, a restaurant which is said to have a fabulous view of the city.

The apartment is slowly coming together.  Our air shipment should arrive some time this week, and then we can have the super-handyman come and hang light fixtures, pictures, drapes, and put together the entertainment center.  Oh yeah, and then I will also have to find a place to put ten more pairs of shoes…..

Enjoy the photos!

I am SO ready to get to Paris.

My fortune the night before I left Houston. I'll let you know when it gets refreshing.

He is so glad I'm here. Can you tell?

Calm down- we were standing on an esplanade. Or whatever its called.

So Martha, how are you finding the Parisians?

Amazing what a nap can do.


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3 responses to “Bonjour Paris!

  1. Glad to see you’ve somewhat settled in. The jet lag should wear off in about 2 weeks…or at least that’s how long it took us.

  2. Margaret

    All that is left to say is E N J O Y!!!! But then you are in Paris, so maybe that is a particularly redundant remark. Looks like your well on your way to doing just that anyway. Oh well….let us know how the restaurant at the top of the Centre Pompidou turns out. Love the Centre Pompidou but have never eaten there. Can’t imagine it could be anything less than wonderful though. Have the time of your life, Kate!

  3. Andrea Prestridge

    Sorry we didn’t connect while you were home between Espana and Paris. You may know about this site already but it is a la Daily Candy for Paris,, and is precious. Check it out! Have fun and I hope to come see you before you leave. Also, look for Lance Letscher’s show Sept. 11-12th, think the gallery is in the Marais(sp?) neighborhood. Andrea

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