A Few Pictures for Wednesday

I have been too busy kissing my girl Claire goodbye and unpacking my air shipment (which finally arrived- yea!) to write a post, so here are a few photos of Paris for you to enjoy.

The Champs-Elysees early in the morning- still wet from her bath

This is a metro station I seem to use a lot. I love the tiles!

This is the ceiling. Cool.

Who else remembers Opal's Glamorama? All My Children? Back when we were in college? 1:00- had to miss the last 15 minutes to get to French, and now i"m glad I did!

Just a little snack on the Champs!

My first window box- on my living room window- thanks to mon amie Martha M,, who gave me the holder!

Happy Hump Day, my friends.  Mark went to London for work today and he’ll be home in time for supper.  Weird!


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7 responses to “A Few Pictures for Wednesday

  1. kselz

    Way to tie together Paris and All My Children!

  2. Margaret

    Gorgeous window box! Cool pics in general especially the one of the Champs Elysees with your shadow in the corner! Is Mark flying or using the Chunnel? So many ways to get around in Europe. How’s the French coming along, btw? Are you already registered for a class? Take care and enjoy yourself!

  3. dab

    is that a suit case shadow with your shadow? or are you having to wheel around your shopping trophies by cart?!

  4. I hate to admit it, but I vaguely remember the Glamorama, too. I had to consult with my more learned siblings, who also reminded me of Donna Beck and her pimp, Billy Clyde Tuggle. Funny what gets stored in our brain cells … and what doesn’t!

  5. This wass a lovely blog post

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