Just a Few Words

I think I mentioned that my parents were coming to visit.  They are here, and I have been busy being tour guide/hostess/badass Boss of Paris, so I haven’t written any posts.  We’re doing cool stuff, which I will share, but it may take me a few days.


Here are a few pictures so you don’t forget about me, way over here in Paris-Land.

Place de Vosges


Fancy garden

I told Martha to take a picture of our restaurant and this is what she took. Maybe it's time for a chat.


Good night from the City of Love.

I must get in the kitchen and prepare dinner, even as most of you are just now thinking about lunch.  This time warp thing still freaks me out.






























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6 responses to “Just a Few Words

  1. So much fun to read — have fun with your parents!

  2. Kate

    The slight lack of recent postings has been noted and will be referred to in your end of term report!

    Hope you are still settling in OK – is Martha your daughter? If so, she shows an extraordinary amount of promise!

    All the best


  3. Martha

    Just a few words but your pictures are worth thousands – beautiful, especially that one super manicured garden – love that!! Hugs to all, surtout tes parents!

  4. Julie Little

    Beautiful pics. Just enjoy!!!

  5. Isn’t it great when you get to show people around “your” city. Have fun with your parents!

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