Bon Weekend, My Friends

I will be enjoying a final weekend with my parents before they fly away to Texas on Monday.  I will leave you with some eye candy from the gardens of Cheverny, a  chateau in the Loire Valley that we toured last weekend.

Sending you all wishes for fall gardening weather soon!


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4 responses to “Bon Weekend, My Friends

  1. Lisa

    Had a huge rain storm yesterday and it’s in the 60’s out right now. Gonna be 90 today but cool front comes in tonight, 50’s at night and 80’s during the day. YEAH!! So it’s safe to send your parents home. WIsh you were coming with them!

  2. Klaus

    What a botanical garden! Lovely pics. Have a good weekend. Luv.

  3. nancy craven

    Love that chateau. My biking group was there about a year ago. Home from the Black Hills today, where we went to the buffalo round-up in Custer State Park. New word for your vocabulary: tatanka. Buffalo in Lakota Sioux. Tell your mom and dad I could meet them at the airport if I knew what time and what day to expect them. nance

Hollah back y'all!

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