food and wine and mixers

Paris loves its salons.  It seems that every weekend there are several of them held at a mammoth facility called Paris expo Porte de Versailles.  I can’t begin to describe the scope of this place.  It consists of many (8-10?) enormous halls which house expos of all types.  Last April we went there for the marathon expo, which is where runners picked up their packets and vendors sold running paraphernalia.  A few weekends ago we were invited to attend a food and wine expo held there.  It was very similar to those held at home, but was interesting to me because the products were from specialty regions of France and Italy.  There was a large crowd around the platform where a recent winner of France’s Top Chef (also called “Top Chef”) was filming a TV segment of some kind and also signing autographs.  It was kind of weird to have no idea who she was, while people around me were gazing at her with rapt adoration.  She was pretty cute, but I bet she doesn’t have an amazing house in the Hamptons and a posse of beautiful , gay, rich  friends like Ina does.

In addition to food and wine, there were also products like special salts, spices, and olive oils.  We bought a bottle of Italian olive oil that our friends recommended.  I never have been able to discern much difference in olive oils, but perhaps I will learn.


I loved these vibrant spices.

An array of gorgeous spices














The cheeses,meats, olives, and pastas were so tempting.  Hooray for free samples!

I can't even imagine how much all that cheese is worth

delicious parmesan cheese










care for a little sausage?

more gorgeous cheese










not sure about this vendor--selling more sausage, maybe?

I love these colorful mixers!

I couldn't resist these baby Frenchies taking their little class.. You go, Julian!











A perfect outing for the foodie that I am- and our friends who invited us didn’t even know of my obsession with all things culinary!  I return for another salon on Thursday.   Can you guess what it is?  Hint: it’s edible and someone in my household shows no control in its presence.


Have a good Tuesday, my friends!


















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  1. Did you run into Dorie?
    Wish I could have been there

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