Keep it simple

Beauty products, chocolate, and flowers- what else does a girl need to be happy in Paris?

Happy Hump Day, mes amies.


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6 responses to “Keep it simple

  1. Martha

    Us! You need all of us to come and share that chocolate, bring you flowers and give you grosses bises on your beautiful face!

  2. Enjoying hump day in Paris thru you, how wonderful!
    We miss you!

  3. martha clay

    Everything looks so clean and fresh there! We’re having a clean and fresh day here outside. xo

  4. Lisa

    A great book! That would complete the picture. You can look great, eat chocolat and smell les belle fleurs while you lose ourself in a wonderful read!

  5. Julie

    Yes I am with you Chocolate and flowers!!

  6. nancy craven

    You need your favorite Aunt Nancy and une verre du vin rouge. ( How is my spelling?) love you..

Hollah back y'all!

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