More Spain and My New Favorite Uncle

Our second day in Spanish paradise found us in Herez, a small town an hour and half or so from Marbella.  It was a gorgeous drive- many parts reminded us of West Texas, where it begins to get pretty around Big Bend.

The reason we went to Herez was to tour the Tio Pepe winery, which specializes in sherry and brandy.  The company has been there forever and its facilities are gorgeous.

Uncle Pepe himself!

This building was built by Eiffel!

inside of the Eiffel building with the special yellow dirt that keeps the humidity right for the wine

100,000 barrels of wine on the wall, 100,000 barrels of wine---everybody now!

beautiful wind vane at Tio Pepe

Of course, at the end of our tour we were served some delicious glasses of wine and also directed to the gift shop.  Mark bought two bottles of brandy and then tried to take them on the plane in his carry-on luggage.  That didn’t go over very well with Spanish FAA, but at least they let him go check the bag rather than tossing the bottles in their own bags.

Sunday we stopped at a pretty little village high up in the hills, just outside of Malaga.  It was called Mijas and offered some more incredible views.  We ate one last meal with our fabulous hosts at a tiny tapas bar, and then headed for the airport.

view from Mijas

I think i love tapas so much because it's like eating from everyone else's plate, but no one cares.

The vacation buzz came to an abrupt end when we arrived at the Malaga airport two hours before our flight to discover that our flight was delayed three hours.  Five hours is a llllooooonnnnnggggg time to hang out in the airport.  But we came home to a nice surprise.  Tune in again tomorrow to hear more about that!

I love Marbella!


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5 responses to “More Spain and My New Favorite Uncle

  1. Cynthia Kuhn

    In the mid-80’s, I worked for a foreign family who had business interests in the U.S. Every summer my boss would decamp to Marbella for the month of August, so I always had the impression that it was THE place to summer. Looks like a better alternative than Houston, or anyplace in Texas, for that matter…..

  2. martha clay

    When we leave the girls with you for our European vacation, maybe Greg and I can go to Marbella as well! xoxo

  3. Klaus

    Waiting to hear about the nice surprise. Glad the brandy was “rescued” !

  4. “Calgon take me away!” Right now there is a lot of football going on so I love seeing you in all the romantic getaways. Enjoy!

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