Happy Thanksgiving from Paris, where it’s just another day…..

This is definitely a weird Thanksgiving week.  No one is home with me on this day before Thanksgiving.  The grocery stores and markets are not unusually crowded.  I am not making multiple lists of what to buy, cook, or pack.   No displays full of fresh cranberries, pumpkins, and no bins full of Butterballs.  Strange days, indeed.

The good thing about celebrating our first Thanksgiving in Paris is that no one has any expectations that it will be a traditional one.  I like it when people have no expectations.  We will be celebrating  chez Mai Paris on Friday, because Martha doesn’t get Thursday (or Friday) off of school, and I wanted her to be able to relax into the celebration rather than thinking about when she would do her homework.  Claire will be in South Africa, and Patrick in Dallas, and no grandparents or cousins will be around our table.  Fortunately,  our good friends who moved to London the same time we moved here will be crossing the channel to be with us, as well as another couple who are vacationing in Paris from the states.  That makes 8, including Mademoiselle Cordon Bleu, who will be in charge of the pecan pie and anything else she feels moved to create.  I anticipate a lively and well-laden table.

I have been busily cleaning the place up for company and stocking the fridge with good food, just as many of you  have been doing. Here are a few snaps from the past week.  I’ll be back next week with images of Paris dressed for Christmas!

One of my favorite streets- full of flowers and produce and chocolate and wine.

Don't you wonder what that shopkeeper was saying to those two sweet kids, who left their scooters parked in front?

yep- still there .


Enough already!

Who says you can't get a Thanksgiving turkey here?

Sometimes the English is just as confusing as the French.

an abundance of gorgeous herbs at the market this morning

I brought these carrots home. Do you think they're fresh???

Enjoy your Thanksgiving, friends!


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15 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving from Paris, where it’s just another day…..

  1. Martha

    So thankful for you sweet friend and still missing you like crazy! I can’t tell you how many times I would have called you frantically – why are my meringues mush?? And then later – ack! I just burned them!!! I need Mlle Cordon Bleu chez moi! Or frustrated – THREE times I poured the ice cream all over the counter instead of into the blender or into the ice cream maker – aarrgh! Beaucoup de hugs et kisses

  2. Julie Little

    Well three pies down, my 2 vegetable dishes made and now dinner tonight. So back to the grocery store. Not sure I want to tackle the mecca of the Big HEB. My parents come in around noon. Then tomorrow for the big T Day. So fun for you to have Miss Cordon Bleu there.

  3. Julie Little

    Wondering if I could find fresh carrots like that here? Or beautiful herbs??

  4. Mary Lipnick

    Happy thanksgiving. Glad you will have lots of company for turkey day. We are in sunny south Florida where we spend most of our turkey day on the beach. It’s a great place to be thankful for all the good people and things in my life.

    • That sounds really nice. Is your sweet aunt there, who reads my blog and calls you Cindy?

      • Mary Lipnick

        Dan’s mom and sister live in S. Florida and his clan gathers there every other Thanksgiving. It’s a very different holiday from my family but a lot of fun. My Aunt Valerie and my sister Cathy read your blog – they call me Cindy.

  5. Best wishes for a wonderful Thanksgiving! I love that the caption under your photo of the Eiffel Tower reads, “Yup, still there” because that’s what I always find myself thinking.

    And now it’s time for me to go get a slice of pecan pie because we’re starting our celebrations a bit early…

  6. Becky

    My pecan pies are in the oven… I always take 2… 1 for my Dad, Grandfather, and yours truly to split… and 1 for everyone else. Our family secret is double vanilla… makes it double tasty! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. dab

    have a wonderful ex pat t’day. I am supposed to do the cranberry salsa and sweet potatoes and maybe apple pie and I, uh, haven’t made it to the grocery store yet. I think that is what mornings are for. We’ll see if american super convenience comes through or not.

  8. nancy craven

    Good Morning, Kate!
    I had turkey anxiety and couldn’t sleep so I put the bird in at 5:30 this morning. John has to go in to work at 3:00 so we’re having an early dinner. Philip gets off at 3:00 so we’ll warm it all up and eat again! Your folks will be here, Carol and family are in Hawaii for their 20th anniversary.
    Then, of course, THE GAME………miss you. nance

  9. Hi, Just found your blog from Out and About in Paris.

    You do know that ‘plonk wine’ is cheap wine, yes?

    I love your photos here.

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