Another evening stroll. Because that’s how we roll.

Late Sunday afternoon le chien and I strolled  rue du Faubourg St-Honore, which touches my street and then quickly becomes much more fashionable.  It got steadily darker as we walked, and everything became more magical.

The Bristol. Where the Beautiful People stay. The rest of you guys stay with me.

movin on down the road

I always see this mustard shop when it is closed. If I get in before Christmas, anyone want any?

Now this is getting interesting.

another nice hotel

Whoa! What is this shop doing next door to these fancy hotels??? Some naughty girl is going to be very happy on Christmas morning!

Yeah- this window looks much more my style than the other one. Sorry, honey.

I have no idea what they sell, but isn't it pretty?

You really should click on this one. Trust me.

And on that note, it was time to go home.

Have you started shopping yet?


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6 responses to “Another evening stroll. Because that’s how we roll.

  1. Debbie

    Hi Kate,
    Rue St. Honore was the street that Amy and I went back and forth on from our hotel to your house as we were trying different routes for her to get to class. The late night after I brought Amy to your house and I was heading back to the hotel, I passed all the workers putting up the Christmas decorations on the light post. I am so thrilled to see it completed and shining brightly in your pictures. I knew it would be beautiful. Thanks for letting me enjoy it also! Debbie

  2. Debbie- so glad you liked it! It really is pretty. I just wish they had continued down to the ghetto end of the street with them!

  3. Normajean Longfield

    Maille is owned by the company I work for… I will have to ask for a transfer to sales and Paris! Looks lovely…I’m so jealous!

  4. Linda Mizell

    So beautiful, Kate! Reading this blog is like a quick trip to Paris.

    Now I must add sequined handcuffs to my wish list…..

  5. The Maille store is great! They have an amazing assortment of mustard! Plus, you can get refillable clay jars and have them filled with the mustard that’s on tap. It’s just about time for me to go get some more of their coarse-grain mustard. Yum!

Hollah back y'all!

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