Christmas at Galeries Lafayette

The theme for Galeries Lafayette‘s windows was “Noel Rock ‘N’ Mode”.  Each window featured entrancing puppets made of muslin with hand-painted faces.  I know there is an amazing Christmas tree inside the store, but I have yet to make it across the threshold.  If I do so before Christmas, I will definitely take a picture for you.

This one is my favorite and is dedicated to my favorite Hair Guy, Robert, in Houston.  See you on the 21st, Robert!

Isn’t it great?  I have another video taken at night without all the reflection, but I kind of liked being able to see what was happening on the street at the same time.

Today I am off in search of Paris treats to take home for good little boys and girls.  Any special requests?

But I would be remiss to sign off without wishing a very happy “cinquante et un” to my fabulous husband.  You totally rock, sweetie, just like the puppets in the window.


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4 responses to “Christmas at Galeries Lafayette

  1. martha clay

    Awwwwww. Happy birthday, Mark!

  2. Please pass on Happy Birthday wishes to your rockin hubby!

  3. Klaus

    Can’t believe that handsome devil is 51 !!!

  4. Molly

    Happy Birthday to Mark!!!

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