You ate what?

We hit the ground running this time!  Twenty-four hours after landing at Charles DeGualle , Mark and I headed over to Montmartre for a cooking class.  This was a Market Class, meaning that we shopped for the ingredients at tiny, precious shops and then took them to the kitchen to prepare our lunch.

First stop was the fromagerie, where we learned about the five different types of  French cheese, and then picked out several to go with our meal.

Next stop was the butcher.

Hmmmm, what is our cute chef teacher going to pick?

Was it this poor fellow?

 No- it was pigeon!  Our  teacher picked out four pigeon for the six of us.  I don’t think any of us had ever eaten pigeon before, but we bravely looked on as the man gutted them in front of us and then used a little torch on them to burn off any undesirable bits.

Pigeon brulee?

Next we went to the bakery for our bread, as every good Parisian does.  This one was tiny and smelled like heaven.

Our group of 7 almost filled the shop.

Next was a little produce market.

Our kitchen was small but very attractive.

We had the privilege of scooping out the pigeon organs, discarding most but reserving the kidneys for another use.  What????  We then learned how to cut the legs off and then remove the meat from the ribs.  Finally, we got to wield cleavers and chop up the rest of the carcass for the sauce.  It was very violent.  Blood and bits were flying everywhere.  Happily, none of them mine.  Here was our pigeon ready for the oven.

Mmmmm mmmmm good!

And now, the finished products:

pureed cauliflower with greens and poached egg

molten chocolate cake

Yeah, you might have noticed that I skipped the main course (pigeon on sauteed potatoes with caramelized onions and chopped kidney on a slice of baguette) and the cheese plate.  I get distracted when food is put in front of me .  That’s why they don’t pay me the big bucks to write this thing.

This was a great way to begin my new year in Paris.  If you are ever looking for a cooking class here, check out Cook N With Class. You might even learn to eat some new foods like pigeon.

Mark and Chef Constance


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14 responses to “You ate what?

  1. Mary Lipnick

    Looks and sounds like a great time. When we were in France I ordered pigeon by mistake and was very surprised that I liked it. Enjoyed seeing you while you were here. Happy New Year!

  2. martha clay

    Can you pick a class without pigeon? Did you know the menu beforehand? I don’t believe that you ate it, especially since there is no picture of the finished dish. The cake looks delish, though.

  3. Natalie

    So jealous. And impressed!
    Mai I say your writing sounded like you were channeling Claire when you described chopping up the pigeon?

  4. Cynthia Kuhn

    Sounds fun visiting all the cute shops, but I can’t imagine doing all that on a regular basis. I’ve hit a slow-moving pigeon with my car before. Gee, it just didn’t occur to me to pick it up off the road and roast it!

  5. Julie Little

    Maybe incorporating pigeon more in to peolples diet would be a good thing for places where pigeons tend to congregate
    like monuments etc. or St. Marks Square. Wonder if they are sacred there like cows in India?
    The shops looked fabulous esp. the fromagerie. Makes my mouth water,

  6. deborah

    I agree with Martha, we should have a witness confirm that pigeon was consumed by the blog madame! I can’t make out what the white garnish is on the cake? Pear?

  7. nancy craven

    You ate a pigeon? Well, I wouldn’t, but let’s not “squabble” about it…….aunt nancy

  8. Welcome back – and what a great way to hit the ground running…or eating!

  9. Jennifer

    I love pigeon. What’s the big deal? Oh, I get it. Everyone is thinking about the rats-with-wings variety and not the wood pigeon variety. Anyway, I think you produced some beautiful looking food. Well done!

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