Rockin’ Paris

Ellen DeGeneres at Hotel Bel Air in Los Angele...

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And now for something completely different…

Many of you have already been sent this link, which is to a video of my daughter and her friend taking Ellen’s “Dance Dare” in Paris.  Ellen challenged  viewers to send videos of themselves dancing behind strangers.  Winners get to come to her show in Los Angeles. These girls had a lot of fun running around Paris, making fools of themselves.  Why is it that they can act like this but everything we parents do is sooooooo embarrassing??????

Ellen will announce the winners, and show some videos, on Monday, so those of you who know my daughter might want to tune in and see if her antics impressed Ellen.  They certainly impressed me!


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2 responses to “Rockin’ Paris

  1. Finally watched this – love that Paris is such a cultural-enlightening experience for your daughter! Surely, they’ll make it on Ellen.

  2. I loved it…they should win hands down!

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