More Paris eye-candy

I have just opened a bottle of wine (it’s Friday, you know) and put my feet up, to think about what a wonderful day I had, all by myself.  I had fully intended to stay close to home and tend the hearth, as  we have a somewhat hectic weekend coming up.  However, once I saw how beautiful the day was shaping up to be (after several grey days in a row) , I quickly recovered my senses and made a new plan.  Mama didn’t raise no fool.

I took the metro to Notre-Dame, enjoyed having the cathedral to myself  (here’s a little secret- there are very few tourists here  in January!), and then wandered the neighborhood in a general direction  toward home.  I took lots of pictures for you, so sit back and relax and pretend you are in Paris.  Feel free to go get a glass of champagne to sip while you enjoy the day- I’ll wait.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Au revoir and bon weekend!


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6 responses to “More Paris eye-candy

  1. Martha

    The slide shows are amazing – no more pesky scrolling through beautiful pictures; you do all the work for us. The faint reflection of the rose window on the stone wall was my favorite! Keep that blue sky around for me next week, s’il te plait!

  2. Cassandra

    Kate, it was wonderful! Thank you for letting us enjoy Paris with you!

  3. Linda Mizell

    Beautiful. Just the kind of photos I’d be taking, so I’m just pretending that I DID!

  4. Lisa

    Mon Dieu, des quelle couleurs! Love it! Glad you had such beautiful weather!

  5. Klaus

    Some great pics!!! Thanks.

  6. Claire Sharp

    Reminds me of my trips there…ah sweet memories! Thanks for bringing us Paris and all your other fun outings through pictures–I love it!

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