It’s such an honor to even be nominated…….

I missed the most recent awards show at home, but I probably wouldn’t have known most of the movies or TV shows or even people nominated, so I wasn’t too broken up about it.  I did hear that several nominated films were set in Paris (Hugo, The Artist, and Midnight in Paris), so I really should try to see them over here, if I can find them in English.

Recently I got a comment on my blog (you guys do know there is a comment box, right???) that Mais Oui Paris had been nominated for a blog award given by Lexiophiles .  Here is what the voting page says:

 Give your vote to the most exciting, inspiring, open-minded blogger writing about his or her experience abroad.

I have no delusions that my little wet-behind-the ears and fly- by-the-seat-of-my-pants blog will win, but we must at least show up, oui?  To than end, I have added a voting button on the right-hand side of the blog.  If you feel inclined, please push it and show them that I do indeed have some peeps who love me, even if most of the ones on the street here are oblivious to my existence.

I am sorry to say that that’s all I’ve got for today- shameless self-promotion.

Thanks for being there for me, mes amies!


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18 responses to “It’s such an honor to even be nominated…….

  1. Mary

    Voted. Hope you win!! I just love, love, love your blog.

  2. martha clay

    Just voted – what do you win????

    • I don’t know- maybe 10,000 euros, or maybe just recognition on my blog? Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s it. I didn’t really pay attention because i don’t expect to win- just wanted to show up! xoxoxo

  3. susan

    I voted! and you could easily watch the Artist in French …since it is a silent movie! There were only a handful of subtitles, and you could figure it out pretty easily. It was a strange movie..when I was watching it I felt like there was very little substance to the whole thing, and yet I could not stop thinking about it all the next day.

  4. Natalie

    I voted for you, too. I look forward to your posts every day 🙂

  5. Julie

    Just voted And hope you win. Love all your clever uses of language. Hope you win!!

  6. Martha

    just finished reading all the other blogs that are in competition with you, and yours realy is the best! But since i had to spend all that time reading them, i didn’t get a chance to make those enchiladas – ha, ha!

  7. Debbie

    You get my vote hands down!! Your blog bring Paris alive and we get to enjoy all your fun experiences! You are a winner!! Thanks!

  8. Linda Mizell

    Love your blog, Kate, and have recommended it to several friends. Good luck with the contest — you’ve definitely got my vote!!

  9. Laurie Mai

    I look forward to this special blog like a big down filled velvet chair!!

  10. Kathy

    Just voted, so excited for you. How do I send it to all my Facebook friends so they can vote?

  11. That’s great news on your nomination! Good luck!!!

  12. I voted for you because you figured out how to put the voting button on your site. Such talent deserves to be rewarded.

  13. Congratulations on the nomination, Kate! Best wishes for when they tally the votes!

  14. Leslie Tormey

    I voted. Or at least I think I did!!
    Miss y’all. LOVE seeing Martha on Ellen. Not only is it fun to say I now know a celebrity, but she’s a French celebrity! – Leslie

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