After enviously watching so many of my dear friends turn fifty with such grace and aplomb, I am happy to finally be taking my turn at this momentous birthday!  I had planned to collect photos of the number “50” and post them all over my page today, but I should have started long ago.  The only “50’s” I could find last week were “-50” for the sale windows, and although I am frequently about 50% off, I didn’t really want to make a grand display of that fact.  Perhaps I will keep looking and post them randomly as I find them, just to remind the world that I am now a Grande Dame of Fifty, and worthy of its respect, or sympathy, as the case may be.

In celebration of this event, Mark landed in Paris from New York and four hours later was back in the air, on his way to Venice, with me, his aging bride.  I was completely surprised- thought for sure it would be London, as we had briefly discussed.  I had never been to Venice before, and it was so cool to be there in an hour and a half.  Unfortunately, it was even colder in Venice than it had been in Paris.  As our guide told us, they only have about 10 days in the summer and 10 days in the winter when it is unbearable, and we happened to hit one of those.  We made the best of it, though, and thoroughly enjoyed our 4-hour city tour , as well as our lovely hotel, good food and wine, and the festive ambiance of Carnival.  Here are a few photos.

In the taxi boat from the airport to the hotel. Notice spray on window turning to ice.

back seat

So, it was grey, almost dark, raining, choppy, and ffffffffreezing .  Fortunately, we were met at the airport and within ten minutes were in this gorgeous wooden speed boat, heading toward Venice,  However, as I glanced around the boat and noticed not a sign of a life-preserver, I got a wee bit nervous.  As cold as it was in the boat, it would have been a heck of a lot colder in that water.  Those were my thoughts as we chopped toward our hotel.

Our lovely room at the Hotel Danieli

The incredible Murano glass chandeliers were all over the lobby.

Many elaborate costumes for Carnival

Several parades like this went by our window.

The gondolas outside our room were not in high demand.

beautiful hand-made pasta

It was a wonderful birthday celebration and my sweet husband planned it all by himself, totally surprising me.

So here’s to 50.  And to Pam Dunn and Kirsten Anderson and Princess Diana and Whitney Houston and Gilda Radner and all those women we  knew and loved who didn’t make it to 50- here’s to you, too.  Fifty is not the new thirty.  It’s the new lucky.


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14 responses to “Cinquante!

  1. Debbie

    Happy, Happy 50th Birthday! What a wonderful memory you will have of celebrating your 50th in Venice! Way to go Mark!
    I sure hope someone I know is making a yummy Birthday
    cake?? Have fun and enjoy!

  2. Natalie

    Happy Birthday! I’m right behind you on this one. If I’m “lucky” I’ll be 50 in March!

  3. Welcome to the club, you youngster, you!

  4. Kathy

    Hi Kate, Happy Birthday! Also I noticed you mentioned Pam — I’m going to forward your blog on to her parents, they will like to know that she is remembered by you at this special time in your life. Much love from one who’s crossed the 50 threshold and survived! Kathy

  5. nancy craven

    Dearest Kate,
    I was a junior in college when you were born! Cut class and came right to the hospital to see you!
    Glad to see your pics of Venice; I was there in September with my biking group. And huge cruise liners disembarking hundreds and hundreds of people at a time. Maybe February is better.
    XXOO from your favorite aunt

  6. Happy Birthday! Having been there for a whole 10 days now, I can tell you – 50 is not as bad as I thought! Can’t wait to see you soon.

  7. 50s the new lucky! Love it!!! Happy birthday.

  8. Margaux

    happy birthday! perhaps i will bring you some jalapenos as a gift when i visit?! patrick had said that would be a good gift idea!

  9. rana

    Happy Happy. I too will hopefully reach this milestone in less than 2 weeks. What a wonderful treat for today!

  10. Happy Birthday Lady! Keep celebrating as long as you can or until you need a nap or two. You have a very sweet hubby! Best to you all!

  11. Ron

    You’ve got an awesome husband!

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