I’ll Take Potpourri for 200, Alex.

Things are about to get a lot busier around chez Mai.  My son and his girlfriend arrive Saturday morning for their Spring Break, two of my daughter’s friends arrive from Houston on Tuesday , and on the next Friday one of my BFF’s (“Best Foodie Friends”) makes the trek from Houston.  For two of those nights we will be wall- to- wall in this apartment, and I can hardly wait!  I’m not sure what it will do to my blogging habit, though.  I could either start flooding your inboxes with multiple posts a day, or it could be radio silence for a few weeks as I try to keep up with sheets, towels, metro tickets, and lots and lots of eating.  You just never know.  So enjoy this one while you can.

Words cannot describe the fabulosity of this day’s weather in Paris.  The warmest day we have had since last fall, with just a hint of a breeze.  I even did the unthinkable -walked two blocks to the Franprix (grocery store, of sorts) without a coat on.  It made me downright giddy, I tell ya!  Giddy until I got there and remembered that although it felt like Texas, I definitely was NOT in HEB.  

See this tower of collapsed cardboard on its own little dolly?  This is not an unusual occurrence at my local Franprix.  It’s frequently parked just in front of the refrigerated milk and cream  shelf, which is only about 5 feet wide because French people tend to drink the sterilized milk that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  This, my friends, is one French practice I will never defend.  How can the land of amazing cheese, yogurt, and butter (oh God, the butter) be so misguided when it comes to milk?  But I digress.  You might notice the ladder just to the left of the tower.  Seconds after I snapped this photo, the guy who was  perched atop that ladder dropped a box of macaroni on the floor.  The scene looked something like this.

It may be blurry because I was trying to move away from the area lest more product fall from the sky. Or the tower topple over.

After filling my red granny cart with my groceries, I did this.

So that’s why I usually take the metro or the bus to the big Casino grocery store and have my groceries delivered.  The Franprix is just not all that much fun.  But it’s usually good for some entertainment.

Later I grabbed the Wonderchien and we took a nice long walk down the Champs-Elysees to the Tuileries, one narrow side of which is  an unofficial dog park.    It felt like the whole city was out enjoying the sunshine.

The bike taxis were finally doing some business.

I'll have a nutella crepe, please. Or should I have a hot dog?

People were actually buying snacks from the shacks on the Champs. I even saw two people eating ice cream bars!

Yesterday I was here, at the l’Orangerie, and I was wishing I had worn a heavier coat.

While there, of course I said hello to the Waterlillies.

The room was empty. I looked from afar.

I looked up close. Because I thought it would make a cool screen shot for my phone. And it does.

I took a picture of the roof so you could see what I meant about the natural light being so perfect for those panels.

And THEN a guard came over and told me I couldn’t take pictures.  Since WHEN?  I took a 3 minute panoramic video the last time I was here and no one cared!  I seem to be getting into trouble with authority figures here a lot lately.  I wonder what that means?

Today, in the same park, I didn’t even need my coat.

Why yes, that IS the Louvre in the background!

A more artful photographer would have aimed the camera just a smidge higher, so as to leave out the ugly fence. However, since I am all about keeping it real, I chose to include it.

This is the end of Fashion Week.  Some of the shows took place here in the Tuileries.  Today it was coming down.

My second Fashion Week in Paris and  still: 1) I didn’t see any of the Beautiful People in town for Fashion Week  and 2) no one stopped me and asked if I were one of the Beautiful People in town for Fashion Week.

I think that is enough miscellany for a Saturday post, don’t you?   I’m going to go see if there is any puff pastry in the fridge.

Keep smilin’.  Keep shinin’.  Knowing you can always count on me.  For sure.


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6 responses to “I’ll Take Potpourri for 200, Alex.

  1. Lisa

    Okay, you have finally posted something that makes me wish I was getting on a plane for Paris today. The l’Orangerie is my favorite place. Wish I was coming there. Oh wait, no I don’t because I am going in the opposite direction to Cabo in a couple of hours. Oh, well, there will always be Paris!

  2. Debbie

    Glad you had the chance to enjoy the beautiful day. It is cool and rainy here in Houston so you are not missing a thing. Have a great time with all your family and friends!

  3. martyorozco

    I am waiting for the post that begins “I am fasting this week in preparation for the arrival of my friend Marty and her foodie partner Rebecca who can eat and drink like nothing you’ve ever seen and intend to eat and drink their way through Paris.”

  4. martyorozco

    Oh and beautiful waterlillies!

  5. Julie Little

    Lots of rain here in Houston which is a good thing and makes the azaleas and others plants show their full glory. Sounds like a fun Spring Break for all Enjoy!!

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