New York and Back in Four Days

Bonjour friends!  We returned yesterday from our whirlwind trip to New York City to meet our older daughter.  New York was a tad chilly but blessed us with gorgeous blue skies the whole time we were there.  We met Claire on Friday afternoon.  She had just gotten off of a flight from Cambodia that seemed to her like a glimpse into eternity, and she was happy to see us and even happier to see a real bed for the first time in a very long time.  We had part of Friday, all day Saturday, and a part of Sunday with her before we had to head back to the airport and send her back to her Thinking Beyond Borders Group for their final month of projects and presentations.

We have returned to find Paris covered in grey clouds and light rain, but strangely it is a nice change after the weeks of sunshine we have had.

Here are a few pics from NYC.  More from Paris later!


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3 responses to “New York and Back in Four Days

  1. Lisa Harding

    I can only imagine how good that first hug with Claire felt! Glad you had a fun, safe trip. XO

  2. Martha

    Oh I can’t even imagine how good those hugs felt, how fascinating her stories are, how full your hearts must be! Are you in awe of your sweet Claire??!!

  3. susan thomas

    We pick up Loren from the Airport this Friday! I can’t believe we have such adventurers! After being i Uganda for the last 8 months, Loren’s first request is Escalates. I could think of better, but it is her homecoming! I”m so glad you got to spend some time with Claire!

Hollah back y'all!

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