Woman Falls Into Manhole. Blames Hermes Windows. Wants Bag as Compensation.


Hermes (Photo credit: twicepix

Well, it almost happened.

Not too long ago I was walking down the sidewalk of Faubourg-St. Honore (one of the amazing stretches of designer stores near me) when I almost walked right into an open manhole.  Really.  I was right in front of Hermes, and so of course I was looking over my left shoulder at their windows rather than down at the sidewalk (like any woman with a pulse would do).  Suddenly I found myself almost stumbling over something–voila-it was an orange cone sitting mere inches in front of  an open man-hole!  I’m lucky that the cone and I didn’t both go tumbling down into the sidewalk abyss.

Ever since then I haven’t been able to get those windows out of my mind.  They were amazing- even for Hermes.  Each window has a giant mesh wheel holding  a chalk-like substance. The wheel turns, ever so slowly, causing the colored powder to cling to the top of the wheel or fall down, creating mesmerizing designs.  Oh yeah- they also have Hermes products of the same color scattered around the wheel, but those almost seem like afterthoughts.  The wheels are the main attractions.  My pictures aren’t great- I still struggle with reflection when I take photos of windows- but I hope you can get the idea.

Now you can see how I could have been just a teensy bit distracted while walking down the sidewalk, right?

I think I will go back when it’s darker and try to photograph them again without my flash.  If I get better shots I’ll re-post for your viewing pleasure.  Maybe I’ll even try a video of one of the wheels turning.  Which color do you want to see?

I wish I could do like those Big Shot Bloggers and give away an Hermes treat to a lucky reader, but that ain’t happening.  If anyone snags something in a bright orange box, it’s going to be moi.  Let’s just hope I don’t have to fall into a hole in the sidewalk to get it.

Keep your eyes on the ground in front of you, my friends.


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6 responses to “Woman Falls Into Manhole. Blames Hermes Windows. Wants Bag as Compensation.

  1. It’s actually a funny story until you think of what’s in that hole and then you go ‘naaah, not funny’.
    But these Hermes windows look fabulous indeed! I would certainly have fallen down that hole! :p


  2. Jane Graham

    Kate, this your Best Post Ever!

  3. Julie King

    Love your posts from the front! You are such a keen observer. Have fun at your first family college graduation! We are heading to Indy one week later for Will’s college commencement. Holy Spirit preschool seems like a distant memory. Be well.

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