And Now A Quick Word From Vienna

We’re back!  It was such a quick trip and I didn’t have even a minute of quiet time in which to throw something out to the blogosphere, so now I will try to give you a re-cap from Paris.

Our hotel was lovely and quiet and had a delightful scent piped into the hallways.

ze lobby

the hallway- wish I could make it a “scratch and sniff” for you!

We walked all over the charming neighborhood surrounding our hotel. Here are a few things we saw.

Vienna has an extensive trolley car system

Vienna also has buses and I liked the sign for the bus stop- not sure why

Vienna was very bike-friendly. The left side of the road is a dedicated bike lane with a median separating it from the main road!

The exterior of the Opera House, which was built from 1861-1869.

Smile for my blog, honey!

beautiful side doors

Sadly, we did not attend that evening’s performance.

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Peter’s Church

The interior is much more elaborate than the exterior would suggest!

the ceiling

It was a quick two days, but I’m so glad I was able to go.  Vienna is a lovely, impeccably clean city.

I caught a few shots of Paris from above as we returned Friday night.

You will probably need to click on this photo in order to see the Eiffel Tower almost in the center.

At center is the Arc de Triomphe, and you can follow the line going left to the Louvre.

Our visiting family flew out this morning, and Claire leaves on Tuesday.  My time in Paris is quickly winding down until after the summer.  No worries, however, because I have a couple of day tours, and a trip to Tuscany to do before this little blog goes to sleep for the summer.  I also have an abundance of pictures that I haven’t shown you yet–so y’all come back now, ya hear?


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5 responses to “And Now A Quick Word From Vienna

  1. Julie Little

    Looks beautiful. We loved Vienna. Ha a lot of fun there visiting Schoenbrunn castle. Ate lunch there and then had fun touring the gardens. There is a beautiful rose garden and also a fun maze. People actually live there today. Tour guide said it was fun to say to a cab driver “to the castle!”
    Looking forward to more info and fun pics on Tuscany.

  2. Lisa

    Why will you not be blogging this summer? About the beautiful sights and people of Tejas?

  3. Kate, I am going on a bike and barge trip in August from Passau, Germany to Vienna. Will stop into your hotel for a sniff of perfumed air. Hope to hear a little Mozart as well.

  4. We are visiting Vienna in July as part of our whirlwind let’s-go-to-Europe-when-kate-is-not-there trip. What hotel were you at? We’re staying at the Imperial Palace (I think). Also – why don’t you whip up a guest post for me about the French Open – anything at all would be appropriate.

    • Kim- we were at the Grand Hotel.
      I don’t think I can help you with the French Open- have hardly even been aware of its existence, although I did manage to find it on the TV last night. If I can think of an angle I’ll let you know!

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