A Morning Trip To The Grocery Store

Last Friday I decided to combine a trip to the grocery store with a visit to the Raspail market, a gorgeous street market frequented by sweet Ina Garten.  I always look for her when I am there. Where are you, Ina????

First I took the bus to the tony neighborhood of St. Germain.  I really was the queen of the 83 bus that morning- I was the first one on!  I felt very special.

the scenery was just ok

I was excited to try out a grocery store that I had read about that morning.  It was so nice.  How I wish it were in my neighborhood.

Monoprix on Rue du Bac

I was happy to be able to find cornstarch there, which I needed for my cobbler, but no fresh berries to speak of.  On to the Raspail market, several blocks away.

chicken and potatoes for dinner, anyone?

Aren’t these gorgeous? They are called “lamb melons”. Unfortunately, I am the only lamb eater chez Mai.

No berries to be found at Raspail market, either.  I had to make a third stop to Picard (frozen food mecca) for two bags of frozen mixed berries.  I don’t think anyone noticed they weren’t fresh.

While at the market I followed this woman around for a bit.  I loved her look.

Gorgeous linen jacket with orange print, full linen pants with nary a wrinkle, and understated flats- just to go to the market. I want to grow up to be her.

Three hours, two buses, and several miles of walking later, I was home again, ready to make my cobbler.  Life isn’t fast or easy here, but it’s always interesting.

Got any fresh blackberries in your neck of the woods?


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6 responses to “A Morning Trip To The Grocery Store

  1. In 2010 Matt and passed Ina on rue raspail by the Bon Marche. Total shock and i was a too much of a chicken to stay anything!
    The bio market was my favorite since it was literally around the corner from our apartment.
    As for the berries… Had fresh off the vine raspberries last week!

  2. Garlanda

    I read every single thing you write and love it all! I can see myself following great outfits!….and food. and looking for Ina. Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences,
    Susan’s Mom

  3. Laurie Stewart Mai

    I’m missing it all so much!! I went to our farmers market today in Jacksonville and it was just a little bit different!! OK it wasn’t even close!

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