Don’t Rock the Boat!

Did you know that the symbol of Paris is a boat?  Apparently the shape of the Ile de la Cite (where Notre Dame sits) resembles a boat.  And of course there is that little river that runs through the city, too.  Once you know about the symbol, you  will notice depictions of boats all over Paris.  Many of the images include the Latin words “Fluctuat nec mergitur”, which translates (not smoothly) ” It is tossed upon the waves without being submerged”.  Now that I think of it, those words could apply to me during my first year in Paris!

I love those little boats.  Here are two nice ones.

This boat was part of a beautiful tile picture at Ecouen.

metro station mosaic

Stay afloat, my friends!


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2 responses to “Don’t Rock the Boat!

  1. Hannah Lowe Goddard

    Hi Kate! Well, figured you wouldn’t mind a voice from the past after reading about your blog in the latest R-MWC/RC Alum Bulletin! The one publication that I still look forward to seeing in the mailbox! My husband’s job has also taken me places…lol…not NEARLY as exciting as Paris, though. After many years in Washington, DC, then Bucks County, PA, we moved to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula last July and live in a charming town on Green Bay. Brrr in the winter. Daughter Maggie just finished her first year at St. Andrews University in Scotland, and son Tom is at NOVA in northern Virginia. Becoming an empty nester in the same year as a major move has not been without it’s challenges and I’m adjusting to the upper Mid-west. Yes, I’ve tried cheese curds and fried walleye. I miss good ole Southern food, though. Anyway, it has been great to read what you and your beautiful family have been up to. I hope to make a Reunion one of these days! Take good care-
    Hannah Lowe Goddard

    • Hi Hannah! I welcome all voices on this blog from the past, present, or future! I haven’t seen the bulletin yet so didn’t know that my blog had made an appearance, but I would live to hear from some other RM gals!
      Thanks for the news on you and yours!

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