Cast of Characters at the Market

Wednesday was market day at my favorite (and closest) President Wilson Market.  Look who came home with me?

The lettuce here is amazing- huge and luscious. This head cost about a dollar!

I can never find fresh peas at home, so I splurged on these babies, which cost a lot more than a dollar.

And today’s special guests!!!!

Fresh from his appearance on Facebook, where he asked,”Does this eggplant make my nose look big?”

Who knew you could meet such interesting characters at the market?

Make friends with your veggies before you eat them!


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7 responses to “Cast of Characters at the Market

  1. Kathy Powell

    Modern art! 🙂

  2. Henri

    You can write and now we know you can decorate/costume. Multi- talented.

  3. T C

    What healthy art you make. I did that one time with lettuce I grew and then I couldn’t eat it, it was to close to me and special, I know weird

  4. Julie

    Wow!! That lettuce looks wonderful. It’s sort of like let us surprise you!!

  5. Karene

    I have not been to France–yet–but in all the market pictures, I am always amazed at the perfection of their produce. Your pictures are works of art! And everything looks like it will taste especially yummy too 🙂

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