Market Day

Today is Wednesday (even though I won’t post this until Thursday) and that means Market Day!  Yippee! I love starting my day at the Wilson Market.

I stopped for a light as I approached the market, and this nicely dressed young woman was in front of me.  I dig her sweater/coat.  And her skinny legs.  Doesn’t she look chic?

I love the way the market looks when the lights are on and the morning is a little grey.

What color!

I wanted to take him home and make him tea.  He politely declined.

I’m sure you remember our old friend Mr. Celery Root!

Look at all those plums!

I wanted these but didn’t want to tote them.

So love these babies! WIth salted butter and a touch of garlic? Heaven.

Today’s harvest

Each time I go to the market I try to make myself buy one new food.  Today I bought two- Japanese eggplant and a roasted beet.

I am sure that many of you more adventurous types are familiar with these beauties, but they were new to me.  I had a bad experience with the sticky sweet Harvard beets when I was but a child, and have been beet-phobic ever since.  I know that these roasted beets are not to be found in the US, so wanted to try them here and see if I can grow to love the humble beet after all these years.  Does anyone have a favorite way to prepare either of these?  I am thinking a stir-fry for the cute and curvy eggplants, and a salad for the beet, but I am open to suggestions.

Y’all be sweet now. Ya hear?


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9 responses to “Market Day

  1. Lisa

    You didn’t buy that gorgeous rhubarb? Get some for my dad next week, please. He loves it steamed. I will eat it but only in a dessert, with a fair amount of sugar!

    • You know, I’m not sure that was rhubarb! I thought at the time that it was some kind of green. I”ll look again next time I go. You know I do love me some rhubarb. Did you find it fresh?

  2. cindy

    Love, love roasted beets- peel, chop in chunks, drizzle with olive oil and roast. S/P to taste. Or just grate raw in a salad. I use those Chinese eggplant to make ratatouille. Yum. Maybe I need to make a trip to Ranch 99 Market today. Enjoy your bounty!

  3. Cynthia Kuhn

    Yes, her coat is tres chic, but that hair! Darlin’, trim your split ends off.

    • I know. Icky and over-processed, which is kind of unusual in these parts. I was trying to stay positive case she reads my blog )which would mean she is one of three French readers), but since you have thrown her under the bus, I’ll pile on!

  4. Mary Ann Zimmerman

    Yum, my Mother pickled them (delicious). But I don’t have the recipe – wish I did.

  5. Cyndy (Goodrich) Smith

    I love your beautiful photos, Kate. I enjoy your blog as it makes me relive my European adventures (9 years!) and I miss the markets and food. I too didn’t like beets, then I took a cooking class in London and they fixed them with fish — even my kids will eat them. Peel and then grate raw beets (not roasted) with a cheese grater, brown some butter in a pan until it is nut-brown, then flash fry the beets for a minute or less — they will still be a bit crunchy but take on the nutty butter. Yum! xo

    • THanks, Cyndy! That sounds great. But then, I can’t think of much that one couldn’t grate into browned butter and have it be delicious! I”ll try it.

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