Kind Of Like Round Top, But With Ham

For those of you less- fortunates who are not from Texas, let me start by explaining that Round Top is a sprawling antiques show that pops up in a large empty field (40 acres or so) several times a year  between Houston and Austin.  Lots of vendors, lots of food, lots of treasures, lots of junk, lots of fun.

Here in France there is a similar event twice a year in a big empty field in the small town of Chatou, just outside Paris.  The event used to be held in Paris, but got too big and had to move to the country.  The ham thing, you ask?  I’m not sure, but it has something to do with the days when pigs used to run free in the streets of Paris.  I didn’t see any live pigs here, but plenty of pork was being served.

I had such a good time there last spring, I made sure not to miss the fall feature.

These pharmacy bottles are very collectible. I didn’t get any, but I wanted to!

love the chairs

anyone want to make some earrings?


gorgeous old puppet theater

and another

jars of treasures


I love these old “school house” posters. I bought this one for my daughter who thinks nursing is in her future.

so cute for a playroom

Get yer ham hocks here!

so pretty

but what would I do with them?

Such a fun day.  As usual, I didn’t buy much, but I loved every minute of it.

And Mark loved it that he didn’t have to go with me.

Never stop hunting for treasures, my friends!


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5 responses to “Kind Of Like Round Top, But With Ham

  1. Sylvia

    OMG!!! I want to be there next year. What fun! So many treasures I would have to come home on the UPS airplane or by ship.

  2. Martha Clay

    My girls would like a puppet theater for Christmas, please. I’m sure it will fit in the overhead compartment. Love the pictures and would so like to go there sometime. xo

  3. Becky

    Those steamer trunks and that luggage is INSANE. Love. 🙂

  4. Julie

    I can just see that old metal water pitcher filled with sunflowers on a Texas country table!! Maybe yours?

  5. Elizabeth

    for the glass domes, use as a terrarium or to start seedlings

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