Ce n’est pas “au revoir”, c’est “a bientôt”

Has your December flown by as quickly as mine has?  Friday we board our Air France flight to Houston, our suitcases bulging with goodies. We are excited to be going home to family, friends, dog, English, and enchiladas.

I will be posting from Houston for the next several months, with regular trips to Paris to keep my blog well fed.  My daughter is going to finish up her high school career where she started it, with the friends she has known and loved for so long, and I am going to be there to keep an eye on her.  Not because she needs it, but because I do, knowing all too well how quickly the last few months before college slip away.

I don’t know how regularly I will be posting, but I hope many of you will hang in there with me.  I plan to move back to Paris in August, and I will need you all to lift me up from my empty nest doldrums.  I guess if my nest must empty, it may as well do it in Paris, oui?

I wish all of you a very happy holiday!



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5 responses to “Ce n’est pas “au revoir”, c’est “a bientôt”

  1. Susan

    sniff sniff…You will be missed in Paris mon ami!

  2. Julie

    We will welcome you back with open arms. Just think you can come back to the book club!!
    Safe travels It is cold in Texas today,Finally.

  3. T C

    I will be happy to have you back near the “hood” and maybe sneak in a visit! Merry Christmas! We will be in Telluride for two weeks but return and hopefully be here if you show up to the lake. Safe travels.

  4. Ok, well, its bien tôt, so you can come back now….. we miss you!!!

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