Rio de Janeiro

We flew all night from Houston and landed this morning in sunny Rio!  Mark and I had lunch at a small beach restaurant.  Usually I avoid places with plastic menus featuring photographs of the food, but in this case it was handy, as we are totally out of our element with Portuguese!  Occasionally I will recognize a written word from French or Spanish, but for the most part I am clueless.  The spoken language sounds like totally gibberish to me.  So we were happy to point at the beers and the calamari and the unknown fish nuggets pictured on the plastic menu.  None of it was great (well, the beer was actually pretty darned good) but we were hungry and enjoyed sitting under our umbrella and watching all of the beach and boardwalk activity on this sunny Sunday.

a bikini tree?

a bikini tree?





The pathway that runs parallel to the beach is a pretty mosaic pattern of stones.


The water was cold and the surf was HUGE! Most people simply hung out at the edge of the water and tried not to be swept back out with the current.  The spray and the sound of the pounding surf was amazing.

Our hotel sits across the street from the beach and is gorgeous.



love this floor

love this floor


It’s now 7:30 pm and pitch dark- so different from Paris, where it stays light until 10:30!

Off to dinner.  Stay tuned for more Rio- same Bat channel, same Bat time.



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2 responses to “Rio de Janeiro

  1. Garlanda

    We had dinner at your hotel, by the pool . If you visit Susan, you will see we also visited the gift shop. Brought back the guest towels they have for sale. Loved Rio! Paris is all about civilization and man made beauty. Rio is all about natural beauty….even the people, I thought.
    Love, love your posts!

  2. Julie

    That hotel looks stunning. And I love the circular patterns on the walkway.
    Maybe Rio should be a destination on my bucket list

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