First Half of Thursday In Rio

Cool and clear, Thursday morning was the perfect day for our visit to the Botanical Gardens.








so loved these amazing imperial palms

so loved these amazing imperial palms



After our trip to the gardens, we ate lunch in a stunning restaurant, Confeitaria Columbo.  It is over 100 years old and was intended to imitate a French patisserie, but it is much more than a bakery.  Patrons can stand at bars for coffee, sweets, and savories, or they can sit at tables for a full meal or afternoon tea.  We sat upstairs and enjoyed gazing down at the tables beneath us.



I have yet to go through all my pictures from our afternoon at Sugarloaf Mountain, so stay tuned for “Thursday, Part II”.

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  1. Margaret

    Love the pics of the imperial palms and of the wonderful restaurant … which looks so much like an old European cafe. Lovely trip it seems. Happy travels, Kate!

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