At Home In Provence

Bonjour mes amis!  This week Mais Oui Paris is brought to you from Provence!  We are spending a week in this gorgeous part of southern France with our dear friends Martha and Leigh from Houston.  Martha and I decided several years ago that we would take an “Empty Nesters” trip to France together when our youngest daughters went away  to school.  Of course, when we made the plan, we had no idea that Mark and I would be living in Paris, but that happy fact seemed only to make the trip more doable.  As Martha says, we thought about the trip for years and planned it in a day.

After sifting through many houses on V.R.B.O., we finally found a house in St. Remy-de-Provence that was just right.

Most of the homes in this area are tucked away behind painted metal gates and tall hedges.  Here is our gate.


Once inside the gate, you see this darling house.


This pool is in front of the house.

IMG_3475This lovely outdoor dining area is just off to the side.IMG_3478





Here is the back side.


The house has three bedrooms and two baths.


I am always a sucker for these old patterned floors.




This wonderful light fixture is in a bedroom.  I want it.



Pay no attention to the man working at the table.


We have been spending most of our days exploring the area, returning in the evening to cook here or eat in a restaurant in St. Remy.  The only bad thing about this house is that it’s not located in the village, which means we can’t walk around the corner for morning pastries.  That is also a good thing about this house.



inside of front door

inside of front door



This concludes today’s episode of Vacation Homes International!  Stay tuned for accounts of our days in this glorious part of France.


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12 responses to “At Home In Provence

  1. Julie Little

    I love this place!!!! I’m ready to go there. It looks serene.


    WOW Can you share this vacation site….Normajean.

  3. Robbin Spafford

    Molly and Abby’s grandparents own a house in St. Remy. they go there all the time and LOVE it. Have you been to the farmers market yet? They find the coolest stuff there. Have fun!!! Robbin

    • So funny that we have stayed in their house! It is so wonderful. Market is today but sadly the weather has turned and it is misting. Also, the bull festival is going on so we’re not sure if the market will be there, but we are going to find out!

  4. Mary

    What a wonderful trip to take with good friends. House looks lovely. I’d love to hear about the food and, of course, the wine. Dan and I drink lots of California wines but would love to find a know more about French wines.

  5. Martha Clay

    Now that looks heavenly. Hello to your friends! xo

  6. That’s it, I’m taking a train down tomorrow and holding seize to that 3rd bedroom! Clear out your excess baggage, the Parisienne is on her way!!!!

  7. Ceci

    Robbins’ girls’ grandparent’s place is my parents place that you all stayed at before you moved to gay Paris! Had the boys there this summer. Some of our faves–Weds market in St. Remy, Friday Market at Eygaliere, Lunch at Mas de L’Amarine, Rose from the vineyards at Valdition, a canoe trip under the Pont du Gard and pizza from La Cantina in town.
    All our best to you francophiles!

  8. margaux

    looks so amazing! the light fixture is amazing. we missed you this weekend!

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