Paris Window Candy


Now less than two weeks from my return to Paris, I am in that awkward limbo period during which I lie awake at all hours of the night, making lists in my head. They look something like this: People I Need To See Before I Leave, Reservations To Be Made For Paris Restaurants, What I Want To Take To Paris With Me, What My Kids Need From Me, Who Is Visiting When?  I could go on, but I don’t want to put you to sleep over what keeps me awake. We will be gone for three months, with a brief August interlude to help our daughters get settled back into school. And to savor that hell that is August in Texas, of course.

Speaking of summer, I have been enjoying a French aperitif wine called Lillet Blanc. It is crisp and light and slightly orange- infused. I am liking it with a splash of soda and a twist of lime, but rumor has it that it’s good in a glass of ice all by itself. Last night I even got so bold as to order a Vesper, which is a martini with Lillet in place of vermouth. Try a bottle this summer if you are looking for something to shake up your cocktail repertoire.

And if you live in Texas, you will be happy to know that I bought some Fredericksburg peaches last weekend and they were the best I have had in ages! Think sugary juices running down your chin and forearms! Be on the lookout for them and buy them while they last.

Pour yourself a refreshing Lillet, pick out a fuzzy sweet peach, and enjoy these Paris windows.





ok, it's not a window- it's an arcade- but it's beautiful

ok, it’s not a window- it’s an arcade- but it’s beautiful

giant Lindt bunny made of Lindt bunnies

giant Lindt bunny made of Lindt bunnies

fancy yellow stove

fancy yellow stove



Thanks for taking time to peek into my window! Stop by again soon.

I am going to bed now. I have lists to make.




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2 responses to “Paris Window Candy

  1. Had the opportunity to buy some a week ago, but just drove on through the hill country…now I’m kicking myself!!!

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