On A Greek Isle

Bonjour, mes amis, from the lovely island of Santorini. Mark and I are spending a long weekend in Greece, which is one of those crazy things I never thought I would say but that you can do pretty easily when you live in Paris.  We flew out early Wednesday morning, changed planes in Vienna, landed in Santorini, were at our hotel by 2:30, and by the pool by 2:45. Voila. I wish we did crazy things like this more often.

This was my first visit to Greece, and I am so glad we came to this volcanic island while we were still sure-footed, as it is A LOT of vertical. You have to walk on steps, uneven and rocky, to get anywhere- even from our room to the pool! The evening walks to dinner have been an adventure, but I am relieved to report that no skin has been left on the paths yet.

We are staying at the Astra Suites in the tiny, quiet village of Imerovigli. The rooms, like everything here, are built into the hillside, and offer staggering views of the ocean. Each morning our breakfast is brought to our balcony (go ahead-commence with the eye-rolling) .



The hotel pool hangs off the cliff, offering a lovely respite from the heat.

IMG_4607The pool also offers a nice view of the sunset each evening.

IMG_4613We have walked to the neighboring village of Fira and also taken a bus to the more distant village of Oia. They looked something like this:















Atlantis Books- beautiful tiny English bookstore

Atlantis Books- beautiful tiny English bookstore


So much beauty here- so much blue, white, orange and pink. Just leave the sexy heels at home. But if you have any cloven feet, bring them- they will come in handy.

This is definitely one of those trips that could yield wayyyy too many sunset pictures. I will leave you with just a few. You’re welcome.






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9 responses to “On A Greek Isle

  1. Julie

    Oh! So beautiful! We need to go there!

  2. Rita

    Bonjour!! What a lovely way to wake up. I am waiting for my breakfast with the sites of Greece. I am off to Le Marche Avenue President Wilson. Ohhh no this is all a dream😒😒 tks for sharing. You could make a fortune selling ur pics to Conde Nast!! So happy for U!! Rita

  3. Wow – this looks so spectacular! I could take up residence in that pool and never leave. Keep those sunset pictures coming – let us live vicariously!

  4. Susan Melton

    Paradise! Enjoy every minute. Eat lots of tomatoes…the best in the world (volcanic ash?)

  5. martyorozco

    Astounding. It’s good that folks like you who appreciate the beauty in life get the opportunity to experience it.

  6. Lisa

    Wow! I don’t have any other words. Just “wow”!

  7. OH MY BLUE!!! That is INCREDIBLE. Thank you for sharing.

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