More Paris Christmas Past

Bonjour my friends. My two college kids are both home, the tree is up, and most of the presents are bought and wrapped. I guess Christmas is really going to happen. In addition to worrying about whether anyone  who is going to end up with fewer gifts than everyone else and what we are going to eat on Eve and Day, I am also beginning to make lists of what I need to take back to Paris on the 28th. We will have been gone for three months this time, and I have kind of forgotten what I have there and what I need for the cold months ahead. Today I added stone-ground cornmeal and steel-cut oats to my Paris pile, items which can be bought there but rarely on the first attempt. I am also taking a jar of “Better Than Bouillon”, as pre-made stock is not available and I hate those little cubes that taste like they came straight from the chemistry lab.

I hope you are all checking things off your list and staying in good humor. This cartoon from the New Yorker reminded me to smile or take off my party hat. And I do so love a good hat.



Here are some more pics from Paris in December, to keep you feeling the cheer!



Bouche de Noel- yum

Buche de Noel- yum

no idea what they are but too pretty to eat

no idea what they are but too pretty to eat





Fa la la la la la la la la la!



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2 responses to “More Paris Christmas Past

  1. Henri Childers

    Beautiful pictures. For Christmas, I received books on France and a map of Paris! I hope to start back with the French lessons this semester. Merry Christmas to you and yours. Henri

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