Bonne Année!


Happy New Year to all!

I am so proud to report that I didn’t fall asleep before midnight!’ At 11:30 we joined the crowds and walked to the  Arc de Triomphe. We were expecting a laser light show on the Arc, similar to what we saw for the Tour de France, and we got one at 11:45. We were so surprised, however, when fireworks started at the stroke of midnight! Paris NEVER does fireworks on New Year’s Eve (much to the disappointment of throngs of tourists every year), but this year she pulled out the stops and put on a show.


What an auspicious beginning for the new year!

Cheers to 2015, and cheers to all of you!


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4 responses to “Bonne Année!

  1. the show at the Arc de Triomphe looked amazing. Wish I could have been there and was so glad to hear it was a success. I hope you had a good night – happy new year!

  2. Cyndy

    Great video! Thank you, Kate. Happy new year!

  3. Martha

    how thrilling that you experienced such a spectacular show just steps from your home – so glad you stayed up to be a part of the fun!

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