Sonia Delaunay- Coloring Paris

I am a big advocate for Paris in winter. I love the cold weather, the frequent grey skies, and most of all, the light that comes through the skeletal trees. I recently became aware of how monochromatic the city becomes in winter, when the grey buildings and the grey streets meld with the grey skies and trees.





Perhaps that is why I was so delighted with the Sonia Delaunay exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art .


The exhibit included her prints, paintings, wall decorations, fashion items, and textiles- all pulsating with deep, vibrant color. I would have enjoyed it even more if the exhibit had been less crowded and less hellishly hot. Here is a video of what the show looks like in the museum without any people in the way.

No photography was allowed in the exhibit, which was cruel because the scale and colors of many of the works made them so suited for photographing.

Here are a few images of her work from the internet.





Sonia established her own fashion label and designed textiles that were simply gorgeous. Here are two examples.


Delaunay arrows

The exhibit runs until February 22 and is well worth a visit.

If Paris is not in your travel plans between now and then, please check out this wonderful museum link containing many of her works, as well as other videos of the exhibition.

Musée d’Art Moderne

11 Avenue du President Wilson (16th)




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2 responses to “Sonia Delaunay- Coloring Paris

  1. I saw that exhibit in November. I can’t believe how prolific she was…

  2. anashebarton

    Very Fauvist! Love!

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